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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stupid McDonald's.. and New Eye Glasses

Hi there. I quit McD's in late July early August ok.. Well its tax time as we all know.. Well I had to fight with them to get my W-2's.. I went to the store I worked for and the store manager was really rude to me.. Well we looked up the Financial Investment they work with to issue the checks and I called them the other day. The message said they would call back within 24 hours.. I didnt hear a thing of course. So I went over to the investment place yesterday and asked for my W-2's.. She said they were going to mail them on Monday.

Well I made it sound like we were having our taxes done yesterday and I needed them. So she said as long as I have an ID I could have my W-2's there at the office.. One less stamp they had to use.. LOL..

But I hate fighting with people.. I hate knowing they were jerking my chain..

I am looking for new eye glasses. I have a new prescription but I dont want to pay 300 dollars for a pay of glasses. So us girls went over to Eyemart last night and I found two pairs I want for 98.61. They are beautiful and I can spend an extra 30 dollars to get a one year warranty on them and scratch resistance and tint on both pairs.. So for a 130 dollars roughly I can get two pairs of glasses instead of one pair for 300.. Yikess that is still like a third of the price..

What a deal huh?? Well all my other tax info came in the mail safely and so did Jeff's.. He should be home soon.. I need to get eating and then get ready to go get our taxes done..

I am going to take this afternoon to work on Zombieslayers blanket and then I am waiting for some yarn to make Mrs Z her hat.. I found some very beautiful yarn to do that.. I will post them when I am done and if you want one I can make you one as well.. Here is a sample of ZS's blanket if he doesnt mind..

I have some more stuff on my etsy account today.. I have face scrubbies and hats and scarves..


tshsmom said...

Employers have until the end of January to get your W-2 to you, so they really weren't jacking you around.
L does the W-2s for our workplace. We had a kid that worked 2 days and never gave my boss his SS# or address. It's taken L a LOT of time to track down this kid and get the info. Imagine how many people have done this at McDs. Now you can see what a headache it is to get these forms out on time.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweets, like tshsmom said, they have until the end of January to get this out. I actually had tax papers arrive in May after I'd filed everything! Right now I'm trying to track down a former employee so I can mail his W-2s to him. I know he's moved out of state, so I called his cell phone and left a message. I haven't heard from him yet. Sometimes things happen and delays occur. Hang in there.

The Zombieslayer said...

Looks really good. Thanks. :)

Yeah, my employer for the first half of the year still hasn't mailed my W-2. I'm waiting for that as I'm expecting a pretty large tax return. Wish they'd get it out already.

tweetey30 said...

I guess I see it as McD's store manager doesnt have to be such a BITCH about it.. She didnt have to yell at me with a full restaruant of people... Well I went over her head and went to there Investment company that they get there W-2's from.. We filed Saturday and we have to wait now 8-15 days to get our taxes because our RAL has been denied this year for some dang reason. It hasnt been denied in like 5 years now and this year for no reason they denied it.. I dont get it.. We have nothing out there for the State for Federal to take.. The forms were done. They just hadnt sent them out.. I wanted to know at least if they were in the mail or not whenI went to the Investment Office.

Courtney said...

Are you able to wear contacts? They can be way cheaper. My exam and a years worth of lenses were just under $100.

tshsmom said...

Happy Birthday Tweets!!

Beej said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!