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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here is our X-mas Its Late but Better Late than Never

Here is Bri with her gifts...And then I will do Kora...They are missing some gifts in the mix of there toys already but here is the gyst of what they got...Bri is missing her Topple Game she got from Tshsmom in these pix.. Its on the kitchen table.I just forgot while taking photo's.... Also missing photo of girls with there game they got from Santa K....LOL... Its on the table also.. I havent tried it with them but Jeff has.. I have to admit I am missing more pix than I thought.. I will makea list of what they got at the end...

Here is Kora and her presents...

Here is mom and the puzzles Santa K sent... Jeff isnt home yet and he doesnt me posting pix of him right now.... Or at least his last request was dont do it... So I am abiding by him there... Beautiful puzzles...

One more of the girls together.. Here they are with there super Loom and hook.. We are taking this to grandma's house tomorrow and she will show them how to do it.. They arent listening to me.. Maybe they will listen to grandma....

Ok from my parents they got there coats, snow pants, hats, gloves
From Tshsmom and family they got Topple, gloves,stencil coloring,
from us they got from the dollar store each a horse, the coloring pads you see with Mickey Mouse and Winnni Pooh, each one puzzle, and a dart board game that is down stairs..

Then from Big Lots. A discount store here we got them Labrynth, another two puzzles, a whoopi cushion, and there Super Loom...

They had an OK X-mas with what little money we had... I appreciate all the gifts that were given.. If I missed any I am sorry.. I am out of it yet slightly.. Forgetting in old age... LOL..

Ok now if any one wants to donate a new camera for my b-day I am more than willing to take it... LOL... I want a newer and better camera. I have a Nikon L4 Cool Pix right now.. I just want something where I can take better photo's of my crafts for Etsy when I am on there.. I was told my photo's arent real clear. I know what they are talking about..

Well I needt get going. Enjoy and enjoy reading through the girls pix... They are my pride and joy and I enjoy there looks. Just wish i could have gotten video of them opening them this year on my camera like I was going to instead of these individual photo's... But sickness hit us.... Ok Ok I am gone.. Talk to you all soon..Happy New Year...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hi all. I am feeling better today. Jeff is still on the mend. He went to work today but he almost didnt make it out the door... I felt so sorry for him. He was dizzy and he couldnt eat but he was told by the boss man that he had to be in today.. Or else. I would like to see what they will do if he passes out on the job.. They are dicks there sometimes. I need to get ahold of my manager at Burger King and see what she says for me coming back on Monday or next week then. I am just hoping she doesnt decide to give me the boot. I could use the job even though she was being a royal bitch to me while I was there..

Jeff was ready to shoot me yesterday but I took a run to the store. He wasnt feeling well and I was starting to and we needed things.. Its the only way to do things.. Everyone knows that.. Anyway I walked into the store and they had 20 cans of Cambells Condensed Soup for 10.00 dollars...I picked up 20 cans...LOL... I love my soup.. I will add rice to it, to thicken it up as a hotdish sometimes.. I think its really good.. The girls think I am a bit nutty.. I will post pics of them with there stuff in a day or two when I have more control ove my hands.I can type but barely. I am still making lots of mistakes..

i need to get to doing some stuff around this house. I am feeling better but going to take it easy for another day or so.. Well hope you all are well. I need to go sit and get my bearings for a minute and then off to do some sheets. Our bedsheets dont smell to pleasent with the two of us being sick.. talk soon.. N...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Been Sick

Hi all. I have not been ignoring you.. I have been really sick.. I started feeling sick Wednesday and it hit full force on Thursday.. I havent been able to eat or do anything but a couch potatoe since Thursday. I hope you all are well and you had a wonderful X-mas because I know we had a crappy one.. Well I need to get the girls some dinner and go back to resting. I am hoping this clears up by tomorrow.

Jeff isnt feeling much better.. He started off with a cold and now he thinks he has what I had.. Yikes... Ok Ok I am gone.. Talk soon...N..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Silly Me...

Here is silly me at the computer and sitting around the house with my foot sitting still and not doing much.. I have hobbled up and down the stairs to do laundry once today.. I am in one of those moods today where I think back in my life and I start to cry because of past thoughts..

Missing family.. All family members including the four legged furry ones... I have som any tears today and every year around this time. I have to admit I am glad Jeff isnt home right now because of it... I have felt like crap today... I just hope I am not getting something.. The girls are getting over colds.. They are getting ready to go outside. They are driving me nuts.. They have been sick for four days now and just starting to get bouncy again..

My dad is home with mom with a new puppy... They have two dogs now and two cats...Yikes... I am not looking forward to visiting them anytime soon... I love my parents but I dont see why they needed another dog.. Anyway I am just weepy today.. I wish I could get rid of them.. I mean the weepies... I just wish I could stop crying. I am just trying to think of good things but my mind keeps going back to when I had my whole family with me..

I miss my parents over the holidays.. I am glad they were here in Sept but I wish they would put more away to come visit over the holidays.. There is just two of them and its easier for them to stay with us than it is for us to go to them... We may only have the cat but still.. Its easier for them to be here.

I remember all the decorations.. Nothing eloborate but enough.. The lights being put up each year... Ok well I am going to go and finish thinking about past and future x-mas's.. Merry x-mas every one and hope you have a good one at that... The holidays are meant for good thinking.. My thoughts are good just sad because I am not with everyone at the same time....Talk soon...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Me UpDate...

Hi all. I just came home from the Foot Doctor.. He said I have a fracture of the toe.. What happened is when I fell I really pulled the toe to one side and it pulled on the ligament and it pulled the ligament away from the toe and pulled some of the bone with it... Very painful process...

I can walk on it but I have to wear this blue surgical shoe they gave me for another four weeks when I go back to see the Foot Dr.. Then he gives me the whole all clear. I can go back to work on Jan 4th but have to wear this shoe to work.

I went and talked to my boss before coming home today and she was rude as hell to me.. I am sick of rudeness. Its not like I did this on purpose to quit the job. If I wanted to quit I would have just quit and I had thought about it while working a few times.. I was told i was in the way one day.. I am just sick of people thinking I dont do my damned job. I do it and plus more.... Anyway I am stuck wearing this surgical shoe for another four weeks plus working in it..

I am stuck with hoping it heals soon.. And quickly.. I hate being hurt.. I have about half a bottle of Tylonel 3 with codeine in it..I have only been taking that at bed time though so it shohld last awhile.. I hate taking meds unless I really need them..

When I had my c-sections with the girls I never really took the pain meds they gave me after I left the hospital... Anyway I need to get going. I will be around in the next few days.. Hope all is well with you all..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hi all.. I know I have been wishing this for the last couple of weeks now but now its here I am not sure what to do with my wish.. I got an e-mail from my this morning and it said that I my grandfather passed away yesterday afternoon.. He isnt in pain anymore and he is up in heaven..

I have tears rolling down my face because I am sad. I wish I could have seen him one more time but it would never have happened.. Ken was going to take him to Texas to see his Twin Sister but he was too sick to go. They never got to say goodbye to each other. We dont know how she is handling the news right this minute.

Since I broke my foot we arent getting the girls anything from us but there boots we bought them. We have no extra money this year.. I have what is in my crafting blog if you want something just let me know.. I have most of this on Etsy also if you would like to buy from there. Buying from there you need an account.

My handle for Etsy is Bri2004. Give it a try and see what you find.. I have more stuff there than I have on my crafting blog.. I take pay pal through Etsy where you dont have to send me a check or money order.. I feel bad about them not getting much. They got there new coats from my mom but boots from us.. Things they needed terribly. I have our tree and garland up but no gifts this year from us.. I feel terrible.

Thanks VV for the X-mas card.. It came in the mail to day. I will put it up with the rest of my cards and then put it in my shoe box I keep all my cards in at the end of the season.

Well I need to get going for now. Thought you all would like an update on my Grandfather since I have left it hanging out basically..

Monday, December 14, 2009

Circle of Friends Award.

Hi there. I was given the Circle of Friends Award by Tshsmom.. Great and loyal person she is.. Even in person she is great to know.. Thanks MOM...I am suppose to talk about five things I like.. I dont think it matters if its things you know or not.. Well here is the award pix.. Then I am suppose to find five lucky peeps out of my list to give this wonderful award to...

Five things I like:

1. I have more time to finish up on projects I have been meaning to do for months. Just sitting on my butt doing nothing but getting restless in the process.

2. Spending more time with my girls.. They miss me but I need work when I can..

3. My house. I like my house.. I am happy with its size and I am sorry it made me fall because I forgot to clean up a wet spot by the back door but I like it..

4. I like how my hubby stood up and was the man I always brag about and he has helped loads.. He is my Faithful companion... I love him dearly..

5. Last but not least I like home schooling my girls.. Both of them are stubborn in there own ways and I dont think they would make it in a regular school setting.. I struggle everyday with both of them in something..

Now on to tag five great peeps...

Beej because I dont think she has been chosen for a tag yet... Or at least I havent tagged her..

CandyMinx because she is a great loyal friend in blogland and in real life..

ZombieSlayer because hes a great friend also here in blogland and real life..

Wondering Coyote This woman dubbed a CD for me and Jeff and we love them both... Thanks for being a great friend WC...

Now I am having a hard time with number five...Trying not to double tag from Tshsmom's list...
Squirl.because she hasnt posted in a while and she needs something upbeat on her blog..I miss her dearly....

Ok peeps.. come and get it....

Friday, December 11, 2009

There is Always a Plus Side/ my mom bought the girls....

Hi all there is always a plus side to having a broken foot. Jeff finally told me last night that I broke it in three places.. I thought I had just broken my big toe.. No wonder it hurts so much when I put weight on it.. I really wish she would have casted it but hey you do what they think is best.. She put a shoe on it to keep it from being bumped around so much.. But anyway I got almost two crocheting projects done yesterday between bouncing from the couch to the computer and keeping my foot up on the edge of the desk. As long as I wasnt walking long on it I was ok..

Life is hard on us all esp the first snow fall of the season.. But I was lucky to get in and get out of the emergency room like I did and then I have a follow up visit with a dr on Tuesday..That will tell me if I can go back to work next week or if I have to wait an additional week.. She wants to see how well the foot is healing before she sends me off to work and I make my foot any worse. Esp since I have to be on my feet for at least five hours a day. And also i have to mop the lobby and clean it. I am constantly moving..

Conversation I had with Ken yesterday...

Ringing phone. Ken answers hello:
Me hi dad how are you???
Dad Good
Me: How is grandpa??
Dad: He's on lots of morphine and they are keeping him comfortable..
Me: Oh good send me some of the morphie....
Dad what did you do....
Me: i fell and broke my foot..
Dad: been there and done that with a joke in between.
Me: laughing..
Dad: saying if things go right they will be making a trip down for either x-mas or right after..

Parents and us kids.. I love them both.. My real dad had the guts to call me and tell me not to go to MN to see his mother on the 19th.. I dont see where he gets off doing that.. He called saying that his other brothers and sisters stole some money from his brother that just passed away and wants me to stay away from them. Well if he is going to disown me for going to see his mother then he might as well disown my younger brother Dennis also because you know what he was there witht he lot...

I am so sick and tired of his shit. I am done with him.. He laughed at my husband last x-mas when we told him what has kept us together all these years.. Yes he laughed at us after asking. Jeff doesnt like being laughed at. I dont like people laughing at my hubby either.. We have our times together and what each of us likes.. If he was going to laugh he should never have asked. Because he basically called my husband a pussy for liking what we told him.. More what I like not what we like..

Just things on my mind. I cant move around much. So I am either here at the computer with my foot up or on the couch with my foot up.. If I could get down stairs for a few minutes I would do a load of laundry and have Jeff switch it when he comes home. i hate feeling helpless.. The new job wasnt to happy with me either.. I dont blame her but hey accidents happen..Its not like I had this planned where I thought yes today is the day to slip and fall and break my foot. I havent been practicing for it.. LOL.. Ok Ok have to laugh a little bit on it..

I have almost all my stuff I have on my blog site on on Etsy. I think I maybe missing a few things.. But I have made four sales so far and hoping to make a few more before X-mas.. Ok wishing I make a few more before x-mas... Ok Ok I am gone. I need to go get some food. Kora cant cook yet... So I have to do a few things on my own.. Take care and I will make rounds in a few hours again...N...

Look what my mom bought the girls for X-mas this year. They came from The Children's Place. An expensive child's clothing store.. Wish I would have known because then she wouldnt have had to have paid shipping. We could have just went and picked up the items.. She bought Bri the coat,snowpants, hat and gloves. Kora got the coat, hat and gloves. My mom couldnt find Kora a pair of snowpants in her size but Kora has snowpants from last year that are black.. Arent they adorable.. I love the fur trimmed stuff..I love my mom even though sometimes she does stupid stuff..

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Blizzard..../ Grandfather..

Hi there. We are under Blizzrd conditions here today.. Its started yesterday morning and into today.. I am not sure if we will have power later or not.. It sucks but hey its part of winter. We are suppose to get between 12-16 inches. Well Jeff just called and the side streets are impassable.. Its horrible.. Yuckie... Its 7:25 AM and its this bad outside.. I hate all this snow...

This is what it looked like a two days ago..

And this is what it looks like thos morning.. We had to shovel the driveway before Jeff could leave this morning.. Horrible Horrible... Yuckie... And my arm I fell on when carrying Bri when she was a baby is acting up..

Well hope everyones having a better day than most of us in WI today.. Jeff isnt going out on the road but he had to go to work anyway. I am just hoping they dont have to send him to the Valley (Appleton) today for anything... Emergency or not.. Yuckie..Well I should be going.I will be back in a bit if we still have power. They have been talking about power outages all over the area...

Told you I would keep you updated on my grandfather. Well they are looking at taking him off life support tomorrow. Its up to the Dr and his final say because if some reason my grandfather is still alive in his brain they cant take him off of it.. Then that would be murder basically.. So they have to make sure he is completely brain dead to take him off tomorrow. Ken went to move his leg for him the other day and he just howled in pain.. He is ready to give up and go.I mean my grandfather is. His body is shutting down one thing at a time and its sad.

I get all choked up when talking about him because I didnt get to know him as well as I would have liked. I grew up in MN and he was in Vegas.. I just hope he goes peacefuly and he goes soon to get out of all this pain he is in... I hate to wish for people to die but when they are in as much pain as my grandfather is best that they go and be in peace and that means no more pain..

Well I am off to go warm up and then I will be back later today.. Happy Hump Day... N...

Something funny... I fell and broke my foot today.. I am in pain and have a week off work.. Its sucks. They gave me a shoe instead of casting it and givng me crutches.. Just thought I would give everyone an update.. Will keep you posted on how thigs are working in the nex few days after some of the pain goes away..

Friday, December 04, 2009

Its Doing that horrible "S" Word outside...

HI there. Its doing that horrible S word today... I knew it was going to. But still. Big fluffy flakes.. The weather channel on the Internet says flurries but we already have a small accumulation.. So sure.. LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW!!!!!! But its hard to be in the spirit when you have to walk two blocks to go to work in this stuff... Be better if I could just stay home in my jammies today and stay warm..Stay home crocheting.. Anyway enough of that.

We were going to go to Milwaukee Friday and meet up with Candy and Stagg but couldnt because mom fell and we were up late.. So we put it off until Sunday and decided to put it off until Tuesday.. Well we finally get there Tuesday. Jeff took off time from Thursday to Tuesday. So we had a great family vacation at home. Of course we got half way to Milwaukee on Tuesday and I looked at him and told him I forgot my camera..Damn me..But it was awsome anyway but no photo's to share with my friends this time around..

It amazes me everytime we walk in there and that has been twice now. As you walk up the stair to the main floor after getting your wristbands there is this hump back whale skeleton on the ceiling.. Its huge.. Then they have a dinasaur section.. They are so cool and they make the things look real. I dont know how they did it..

I ended up having Jeff read quite a bit to me this time. I was having troubles seeing the letters on the little boards to read everything myself. ( I have an eye Appt Dec 21st).. Anyway it was amazing really. We skipped one section to make time for the upper floor before we had to go to the IMAX theater.

We went to the Africa: The Serengeti..It was pretty cool but the only thing that kept getting me was when it felt like we were moving and they would get us over some very steep drop offs.. I hate heights and these steep drop offs came at a fast speed.. I almost thought I was going to have to leave it when it first started.. It felt weird.. After a few minutes I got used to it.. But it was about how the animals live out in the desert.

The girls fidgited at first but they enjoyed the animals as much as we did. Jeff made a point. He said it was to plain. I agree there but still interesting on how the animals live. I have a point to make but I dont want a big issue of it so I am keeping my mouth shut this time around. Maybe another day ok.

Well I have been away for a while now and I made some rounds last night. I am sorry I havent been visiting much lately. With the new job its hard. Because then I come home and want to spend time with my family. Its going good so far. I got yelled at the other day because I had maybe ten feet to finish mopping and the manager that hired me was at the counter and I thought just maybe she would take the order without snagging and let me finish that small bit of work.. Yeahh sure. She took the order but told me that I was suppose to stop and take the orde since I was the counter person.. Then she was snagging about there being way to many trays out in the lobby. You know when you have 10-15 people at the counter what I am suppose to say sorry hold on a minute I need to go grab those trays off the top of the garbage cans????!!!!!! Sorry but that doesnt work in my books.

I think people understand there are trays up there. It was the end of lunch rush and I hadnt got that far yet. Oh well lets see how long this happy bliss of the new job lasts because I am not putting up with her bitching at me because the trays arent brought back right away esp if I have loads of customers at the counter and I am the only counter person they have during the day besides the manager.. But she only helps when we get really backed up..

Otherwise its going great.Still learning the ropes.. I cleaned for two hours the other day at work. My hands still smell like the bleach I was using. I was cleaning high chairs and then I ended up cleaning the table chair legs. I work from 12-6 today and it was dead in the restaurant from 2-4 on Wednesday what is today going to bring in those hours. i am hoping she doesnt send me home at 4 because there is nothing to do.. I want my hours. I do what they ask.

Maybe I am making to much of a mole hill out of all this.. Just go with the flow for now. I like the hours though. We get home schooling done before I leave and then the girls can play. We have Jeff's counsin come in and babysit. Lost going on here.. I promise I will make rounds tonight for sure or tomorrow. I dont think we are doing anything special this weekend.

I know December 19 we are going to Princeton MN to see my Grandmother on my biological Dad's side of the family. She is turning 86 and that maybe the last time I get to see her. I have met her once before when I was 19. I wuold love for her to see my girls before she goes and get some pix of her and then I want to stay the night in the area and take the girls either to the Como Zoo or the Minnesota Zoo. Make a small vacation out of it since we are going anyway..

Wow its been a while since I have had a post this long.. I need to go do somethings before work. I will catch you all later. Have a wonderful weekend and a safe one on top of it and I will be back later.. N....