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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Been Sick

Hi all. I have not been ignoring you.. I have been really sick.. I started feeling sick Wednesday and it hit full force on Thursday.. I havent been able to eat or do anything but a couch potatoe since Thursday. I hope you all are well and you had a wonderful X-mas because I know we had a crappy one.. Well I need to get the girls some dinner and go back to resting. I am hoping this clears up by tomorrow.

Jeff isnt feeling much better.. He started off with a cold and now he thinks he has what I had.. Yikes... Ok Ok I am gone.. Talk soon...N..


Beej said...

Tweetey, I am so sorry! Btw, I posted a video for your girls..its under the heading 'Christmas Eve.'

I hope you feel better and that the New Year is filled with nothing but blessings. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better!

Tamara said...

I'm so sorry to hear u are so sick...hope ur feeeling better soon,hun.
Today is D-Day,and I couldn't leave without popping in to say hi,and tell you how much I appreciate you being such a good friend.
I'm praYING God will see fit for me to just get probation,but the odds are slim 2 none on that.This Judge don't believe in that very,hope u can write me,that would be sooo cool.
My blog will be updated often by Lewtti,so if you get a chance,pop in sometime.My address and prison # will be posted if u wanna write.I'll sure write u back too.
Thanks for being my blog-bud...take care

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I'm so sorry illness made your Christmas crappy. How are the girls doing?