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Friday, December 04, 2009

Its Doing that horrible "S" Word outside...

HI there. Its doing that horrible S word today... I knew it was going to. But still. Big fluffy flakes.. The weather channel on the Internet says flurries but we already have a small accumulation.. So sure.. LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW!!!!!! But its hard to be in the spirit when you have to walk two blocks to go to work in this stuff... Be better if I could just stay home in my jammies today and stay warm..Stay home crocheting.. Anyway enough of that.

We were going to go to Milwaukee Friday and meet up with Candy and Stagg but couldnt because mom fell and we were up late.. So we put it off until Sunday and decided to put it off until Tuesday.. Well we finally get there Tuesday. Jeff took off time from Thursday to Tuesday. So we had a great family vacation at home. Of course we got half way to Milwaukee on Tuesday and I looked at him and told him I forgot my camera..Damn me..But it was awsome anyway but no photo's to share with my friends this time around..

It amazes me everytime we walk in there and that has been twice now. As you walk up the stair to the main floor after getting your wristbands there is this hump back whale skeleton on the ceiling.. Its huge.. Then they have a dinasaur section.. They are so cool and they make the things look real. I dont know how they did it..

I ended up having Jeff read quite a bit to me this time. I was having troubles seeing the letters on the little boards to read everything myself. ( I have an eye Appt Dec 21st).. Anyway it was amazing really. We skipped one section to make time for the upper floor before we had to go to the IMAX theater.

We went to the Africa: The Serengeti..It was pretty cool but the only thing that kept getting me was when it felt like we were moving and they would get us over some very steep drop offs.. I hate heights and these steep drop offs came at a fast speed.. I almost thought I was going to have to leave it when it first started.. It felt weird.. After a few minutes I got used to it.. But it was about how the animals live out in the desert.

The girls fidgited at first but they enjoyed the animals as much as we did. Jeff made a point. He said it was to plain. I agree there but still interesting on how the animals live. I have a point to make but I dont want a big issue of it so I am keeping my mouth shut this time around. Maybe another day ok.

Well I have been away for a while now and I made some rounds last night. I am sorry I havent been visiting much lately. With the new job its hard. Because then I come home and want to spend time with my family. Its going good so far. I got yelled at the other day because I had maybe ten feet to finish mopping and the manager that hired me was at the counter and I thought just maybe she would take the order without snagging and let me finish that small bit of work.. Yeahh sure. She took the order but told me that I was suppose to stop and take the orde since I was the counter person.. Then she was snagging about there being way to many trays out in the lobby. You know when you have 10-15 people at the counter what I am suppose to say sorry hold on a minute I need to go grab those trays off the top of the garbage cans????!!!!!! Sorry but that doesnt work in my books.

I think people understand there are trays up there. It was the end of lunch rush and I hadnt got that far yet. Oh well lets see how long this happy bliss of the new job lasts because I am not putting up with her bitching at me because the trays arent brought back right away esp if I have loads of customers at the counter and I am the only counter person they have during the day besides the manager.. But she only helps when we get really backed up..

Otherwise its going great.Still learning the ropes.. I cleaned for two hours the other day at work. My hands still smell like the bleach I was using. I was cleaning high chairs and then I ended up cleaning the table chair legs. I work from 12-6 today and it was dead in the restaurant from 2-4 on Wednesday what is today going to bring in those hours. i am hoping she doesnt send me home at 4 because there is nothing to do.. I want my hours. I do what they ask.

Maybe I am making to much of a mole hill out of all this.. Just go with the flow for now. I like the hours though. We get home schooling done before I leave and then the girls can play. We have Jeff's counsin come in and babysit. Lost going on here.. I promise I will make rounds tonight for sure or tomorrow. I dont think we are doing anything special this weekend.

I know December 19 we are going to Princeton MN to see my Grandmother on my biological Dad's side of the family. She is turning 86 and that maybe the last time I get to see her. I have met her once before when I was 19. I wuold love for her to see my girls before she goes and get some pix of her and then I want to stay the night in the area and take the girls either to the Como Zoo or the Minnesota Zoo. Make a small vacation out of it since we are going anyway..

Wow its been a while since I have had a post this long.. I need to go do somethings before work. I will catch you all later. Have a wonderful weekend and a safe one on top of it and I will be back later.. N....


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Sounds like life is moving right along for you. Yeah, don't sweat the small stuff at work. Those places are notorious for people with power trips. Just smile, do your job and remember, it's a paycheck and the hours are good. Also, I probably shouldn't mention this, but, I'm doing the Snoopy happy dance over your snow. They're calling for snow in D.C. tomorrow, that's 3 hours away, and because of it, has canceled our trip to the Spy Museum. Guess we'll have to go another time. I'm fine driving in the snow, but this will be the first snow of the season and people here are just nuts behind the wheel when it snows. Have a great weekend!

Jeannie said...

Sounds like the job is going fairly well. Your manager may be a little too frantic pointing your duties out to you for the first while - hopefully she'll back off in time when she trusts you'll get to everything.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hang in there with the job. I think there is always going to be someone at any job that makes it hard--Let's hope she "let's up"...! And that then all the good things about it will take precedence....
Sorry to read about your MIL....These things happen sometimes so quickly...It is very very hard the older we get, yoo. Betty seems to be coming along..Slow But Sure. I pray it continues in this direction for her sake and for everyone elses.

tshsmom said...

We got about 6 inches of snow this week.

No job is perfect and there will always be assholes to deal with. Unfortunately we all have to suck it up and get along with everybody just to earn money to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.

I don't think the Como Zoo is open in the winter; at least they didn't used to be. The MN Zoo is 60 miles from Princeton.

Beej said...

Tweetey, yep its the people at work who make a job difficult, isnt it? But hang in there. Youll be happy on payday. :)

Glad to see you back here.

Gardenia said...

You sound so busy, but glad you are squeezzing in time to play as well! Snow - ack! We had a light frost. That was enough.