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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Hi all. We had a blast. My MIL came over and her partner.. We talked and crocheted and then we ate and were taking the dog out and suddenly the dog jerked on mom.. Well she was on the front porch and she misstepped and down she went. It would have been worse if we would have had an extra step in there.. She broke her wrist and we thought she had broken a rib also but she got lucky.

Here are some photo's I took of the dog and the girls since I didnt get my photo's of mom and S like I wanted to.. Of them and the girls.. Oh well maybe next time.

Oh here is Snowie thinking she is taking a bath.. Silly cat..

Dang dog got caught up in my thread and i was dethreading her.. LOL.. She wouldnt sit still for me to take the thread off her leg..

Snowie and the dang tree. She just loves laying in it.. MIL says spray bottle to spray at her but she likes water...

This was the closest we got the cat to the dog all night long.. LOL.. She wasnt happy with the photo. she tried to get away so bad but Kora had her nice and good to get the photo at least.. They werent pals when the dog left this time around. Snowie kept slapping at the dog..

Well anyway I am hoping MIL recovers nicely and she can get back to her crocheting soon.. I have 14 hours this week. I was promised 30 hours but I am hoping its due to training they are only giving me so little hours..

We never made it to Milwaukee on Friday to see Candy and Stagg.. We were suppose to meet for Dinner but with Jeff's mother falling and realizing it was black Friday and busy we decided to wait. We are going to tomorrow to be honest with you. Friday they had loads of stuff going on at the museum..

Well I have to run. Talk soon. and Hope you all have a great week if I dont make it back to chat..N....


Jeannie said...

Too bad about your MIL. tell her to drink her milk.

Grizzly Mama said...

Oh - sorry to hear about your MIL. Almost nOthing worse than an emergency room visit on a holiday.

Hope she feels better soon - great pics.

SME said...

Cute pics of the girls, as always! They're adorable with the dog.

I don't think I've ever seen a cat that likes to hang out in the bathtub. That is just plain strange.