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Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Scarf and Head Band

Here is my latest invention.. Its for a child but an adult could stretch out the headband I assume. That is the nice thing with Yarn..

The bad thing with this is they arent making the colored yarn any longer. Its a grape ivy.. It sucks. I have one more test to take before I am officially done with school also. I took one test last night before going to bed and I got another 95% on it. Yayy me.. I will get my diploma with honours.. Or what they call Honours for long distance learning..

We went out to feed the ducks this afternoon and the football game is on.Here is a blanket and sweater I made for a friend of mine. She is due March 15 or so.

Will post the pix of feeding the ducks here tomorrow or later in the week. I cant believe the Holidays are upon us again so soon. I am lost in thought on what to do this year. I just hope I have some hours. We are planning on going to Princeton MN for the day December 19. My grandmother on my real dad's side is turning 86 and has invited us to her party. I would love to get photo's of the girls and there great grandmother. This may be the first and last time they get to meet her. My uncle passed away from Cancer on Veterans Day. He was my real dad's older brother. I knew him sort of but its sad to know that I am losing family members I have not gotten to know very well.

Anyway enjoy the photo's and I will be around tomorrow sometime unless I have to work somewhere. I had a job but I couldnt stand working in the cold cooler. We werent working in the freezer but in the cooler part of the job. We were putting lids on cheese trays. So I am off. Talk soon. Going to go watch some Packers Vs Cowboys and then crochet some of the new blanket I am working on. Its two different colored greens..


SME said...

Nice! I really like that purply-pink colour, it's gorgeous.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Pretty colors, nice job. Good luck getting hours. I'm trying not to freak out over my finances. Clients not paying bills, no new clients in, sigh.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope you do go to thae 86th Birthday....One's history and family is so important---especially to the children.

CA said...

Tweety, thank you for stopping by. I'm afraid I haven't been very sociable lately. Maybe it'll come after a while. Jim