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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Girls..

Some days they are best friends and some days they are the worst of friends but isnt that how sisterly love goes.. Or sibbling love for those of you who dont have sisters but brothers or vice versa..

I asked the girls to take the trash out to the curb for tomorrow and instead of just one of them taking something they both took a side of the garbage can and dragged it out to the curb. They stopped and talked about how to get it over the lump on the grass and then they continued to do there work. Taking out the recycling bins they each took a side and walked with it to the curb..

I love them dearly guys and gals. They are amazing children when they are getting along and even when they arent. I have something to share with you all. I know you know I got there coats from Goodwill for $7.00 a piece but look what I made them to go with there coats this year. Yes I made these.. One skein of each color with colors left over.. I am impressed with my self. Bri's hat I wish I could have done like Kora's but I am not pulling it out and redoing it. Anyway here you go. I need to go take photo's really quick.

The darker set is Kora's and the lighter set is Bri's.

Here are just the hats.. I made Kora's like a bonnet and Bris a pull on hat. I had to crochet Bri's hat together in the back because I made it to big by accident..

A closer look at the stitches I used for the scarves.. I didnt put fringes on them because I dont like fringes to be honest with you. I will put them on the scarves I sell but I dont care for them.. I made these with out a pattern.. These came from me...

Pretty good huh?? LOL.. I am so proud of myself on these. I have to get cleaning the garage out tomorrow. I am going to suprise Jeff when he comes home with me saying you can pull the car into the garage instead of parking outside. We havent been able to use the garage in a long while now.

We went and played Raquetball on Friday and we let Kora play with us and she did quite well in fact. She was hitting the balls and starting to run after it and hitting it after Jeff had slammed it against the wall. There were some balls I had a hard time hitting and Kora got them.. I was really impressed with her. She still struggles with some of it but that is the point of learning. I wish I could have gotten some video of them playing together.

I am looking at making another hat set like that red and black set I made. I am going to do blue and white though.. I could actually make several of them with the skein of yarn I have.. LOL.. I have idea's but finding sometime to do them. I am trying to find work also. I had work but I couldnt do the job. I am still looking. The job stank and it was hard physically. I cried before going in yesterday and I ended up coming home at 5 PM when we had our first break. I called Jeff and asked him if he was coming home yet and he was just leaving. I told the supervisor I couldnt handle the job and asked to go home.

Ok any one have a car with keys that unlock your doors and open your trunks, and a thing when you lose your car??? Well some where one of us has lost one of our keys. I went over to Gandrud where we bought the car and they told me that it was going to cost about 100 dollars or more to have another key made. They cant just make a key to open the doors and start the engine because of something to do with how the key is made. Stupid really. We think they are just trying to rip us off. Jeff is suppose to be finding out if its true from another dealer he drops tires off with.

If any one is interested I have some items at my crafting blog. Take a look. Let me know if you want anything. I know holidays are coming up and everyone is strapped this year. But again these arent big items. I have these items at Etsy also under Bri2004. So if you prefer to buy them from there that is even better because I have my pay pal account set up with them also. Or my ebay is niks_mix and that has pay pal set up also.

My ebay has my pressure cooker/canner. I have it set as 20 dollars for starting and 20 dollars for shipping because its heavy. Its a 4 quart pressure cooke/canner. I ahve looked these up and they start at about 40 dollars. Anyway I am gone. I will catch you later. Have a wonderful day and I will be around for a bit tomorrow.


Jeannie said...

Yes - new keys - because of the electronic security chip - are a lot of money. My son broke his once and you had to hold the chip part close to the other part when you turned it or it wouldn't start.

Nice sets. I've been intending on doing hats and scarves again but haven't got at it yet. I have loads of leftover yarn but don't want a scarf from it. Not smooshy enough for my delicate neck hahaha.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

The hats and scarves are adorable. Good job! They will mean more to your girls too because mommy made them.

Grizzly Mama said...

Love the hats and scarves.

Those keys really do cost that much. We lost one once.

Candy Minx said...

I love the hats and scarves! Great colours!

My sister and I used to fight when we were very young. Around at a certain point though...we became best friends. I talk to her on the phone as much as possible sometimes a couple times a week for two hours! Or more!

I hope your daughters are as lucky as I am to have an amazing sister who is a great friend. It wasn't natural...we learned it...

I know some siblings grow up and spend the rest of their days working out a pattern of family toxic situations...never reolving jealousy or competition between themselves...forever playng out the fights of their parents and competing for parental approval. I feel so sorry for those people. It's as if they never grow up and just are haunted by needing their parents love or mindgames...

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Those hats and scarves are terrific! So wonderfully colorful!That you just make this up as you go along is very very impressive!

Tamara said...

How totally cool.
The girl has SKILLS!!!
You should be making good money doing this.Cool.
Guess what I learned recently,as well.I'm too friggin old too try to do a cheerleading high kick like I used to.Wanna see? I added/edited a video to my last post and made a fool of myself,cuz ppl are picking on my accent.UUGH!
I'm just happy that I learned something new.
Sorta like you and your new skills.Learning something new and cool is fun...but NO I'm not straight off the farm,as someone said in an email!!lol
LOVE your matching stuff.AWESOME!!

Gardenia said...

Good luck on all your selling endeavors -

The scarves are really nice and they last forever - my granddaughter and grandson still have theirs....