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Thursday, November 05, 2009

A New Marathon In Green Bay Wi And Christmas Thoughts..

Hi all I have been talking to Richard Brodsky again about his marathon in New York. Well he runs the World's Aid's Marathon in New York and in Kenya Africa. Well he would like to spread the word that people that are HIV Postive can still have healthy lives.

Anyway he would like me to have one here in Green Bay Wi. I am not sure where to go with this. I would love to stand by the finish line and go with it. I would love to be the one handing out the first prize for the first person hitting the finish line. But where to start. We have another Marathon here in Green Bay called the Bellin Run.

Where to start and how to go about it?? Any suggestions would be great really. Or if any one thinks this a good idea. The only thing I can do is try right but I am at a loss of where to start. I have talked to one person and that is the dr that Ruth was staying with while she was here and he thinks its a great idea.

I was hoping to be able to maybe contact the Hospital here or the Brown County Health Department and find out how many AIDs cases come through in a year. I dont want names or addresses but I just want people to know that they can still have a healthy life with doing what they enjoy.

Like I have said before Richard has been HIV Postive for like 8 years or so now. I dont remember exactly. But he takes his meds and runs and does marathon's with his wife Jodi.

I might be taking on more than I can chew but I am hoping I can think of something up here. I know the Bellin Run is like 26 miles and I dont know if any one would be willing to run more than that for a run like this one. How and who do I talk to about Sponsors with a run like this?? How do I promote this run?? I am at a loss really.

I have been told to have it in Chicago IL but the only problem is that I dont live in Chicago.. I live here in Green Bay.

Ok enough on the run for now. I will keep my thoughts open though to it. I am not sure if we can do it. I have run this past Jeff and he thinks its a great idea but he's like me where to start and how to start..

But now onto X-mas I have found a great gift for Brianna. I e-mailed the site to my mom because she has an ebay account also. Its one of those Leap Frog reading books. I am not sure if that will help her or not but I am going to try. Grizzly Mama has give me a link to but of course I just cant right now. Just looking for idea's to make Bri want to enjoy reading and to want to learn. I think I am going about it the wrong way.

Kora on the other hand is struggling with math. I mean simple adding and subtracting and I am at a loss with her. I am really at a loss with what to get them this year. Any ideas for a couple on a budget. I have a couple of idea's but not sure yet. I am looking at these coloring pads. They are like 7.99 a piece at Wal Mart.. They are something under the tree. I want to get more Garland anyway this year. I know it was hard to keep up with Snowie last year. I am hoping she is more relaxed this year since she is a year older..

Anyway these are my thoughts for today. I am struggling to finish a book. I have about like 200 pages left and I want to find out what happens but I also think it could have been told in another way. I am currently reading Once An Eagle by Anton Myers. I have my review up because I didnt want to give the end away. Its a 1200 page book.

I have some stuff at Tweety's Crafting Gallery. Some repeat stuff but most are new. I listed them at ebay but no one bought them. My cat in the hat set has went though. I was hoping to make another set but with blue and white. I think that would be awsome. What does everyone think of that?? Anyway I have to run for now. Thanks for your opinions in this post and others that are to come and those that you have helped me in the past..

Talk to you all soon.. I made rounds today and I will be back around in the next day or so..


Vancouver Voyeur said...

The marathon sounds like a great idea! First, do your research, find out what impact HIV has on your community. Second, contact the people who organize the other marathon to find out what is involved in hosting one, permits, insurance, advertising, volunteers, etc. Next, find out which organizations in your area reach out to people in the community with HIV/AIDS and see if they would like to join forces to help host the marathon. This is definitely doable, but it might take 6 months to a year to get it all planned and the paperwork for it done. I think you can do this. Good luck!

Grizzly Mama said...

How about a half marathon? I've heard of them over the last couple of months - I had never heard of them before. 13 miles. Or do a whole marathon. I think that VV has some great ideas. Maybe pray on it too - if that is your cup of tea.

About the reading - here is what I would do. I would just get light cardboard and cut them into about 1 inch squares. Write a letter per square in magic marker on each. What we did was go through the letters and the sound that they make individually. After they get all that down it's time to start putting them together. For example: 'C' 'A' 'T' - make the sounds individually at first, touching each square while you make the individual sound, and then start blending the sounds together until it becomes the word: 'CAT' with the finger going across the word as you make the sounds of the letters.

As for math - my girls loved using objects. Manipulating objects. Stones, marbles, plastic cubes. Piling them into groups - counting each group and then putting the groups together for addition - for subtraction it's the opposite. Starting with a group and then separating an amount. I would have them write the equations on a paper as they were working with the objects.

Oh - they also LOVED educational software for the computer. I think we had kindergarten, first and second grades. Man - they got alot out of playing those games. I think that they would make great presents.

Take care and good luck, Tweetey!

Jeannie said...

Planning a marathon sounds like a lot of organization - and probably requires funding for the advertising etc. No clue how to help - sorry.

The best thing for learning math when I was a kid were the coloured counting blocks. I had a quick look - you might be able to buy them on Amazon (Cuisenaire rods).

Or you can just use things like marbles or buttons or pennies but the rods have the proportions that helped me visualize what was happening with the adding and subtracting on a different scale.

Candy Minx said...

This sounds great! I would add to Vancouver V. the following...yes, find who HIV has impacted in Green Bay. Phone women's shelters and gay/lesbian centers for health. When you find a couple people who have some the football tems. For sure. Get some sports figure involved. Find out if any of them have family or volunteer work in Africa. Find any connection you can. You get a local sports person, tv announcer in your team.

I know this will be an amazing experience for you!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

You might see if there is some AIDS Organization there in Green Bay that would like to participate in a "Walk" or a "Run" maybe. Here in Los Angelees AIDS Project Los Angeles has been doing an AIDS Walk for over 20 years...I am not sure how long it is but I think it is something like 6 miles. A 26 mile Marahon might be too big an undertaking, but a shorter "RUN" or "WALK" may be more appealing to many more people. The way it works here, people who are Running or Walking ask people to sponser thwm with small amounts of money---and the money raised goes to the AIDS Organization....It's a great way to participate and get people involved. Each individual sets some kind of personal goal for themselves in terms of how much money they want to raise....I would think that in Green Bay there must be some organizations set up for helping people with HIV/AIDS....That's where I would start....I think it is a GREAT idea...But, as I said, a Marathon might be too big an undertaking, especially the first time round.

Here in Los Angeles there are many AIDS Organizations...another one used to do a Candlelight started at the City Hall of Pasadena, which is a small town, really, and you would carry a little candle that was lit....walk about 2 miles and return to the City Hall area and there you would put your candle down on the open plaza and write someones name in chalk...THAT was a great event! Very moving.
I just read what VV said...And she is right. It will take time but it is a WONDERFUL idea!
Much Good Luck with this, my dear.

Gardenia said...

We have an aids center here in our city too - and they would be delighted to help someone who would in turn be helping the community. They would have all the statistics - but I'm not sure you would even need those - just do it, plan for it and do it. You are amazing with your schedule, always thinking of others and putting those thoughts into action. If you can't find the local Aids organization - check with United Way!

Beej said...

You already have so many good suggestions here but I wanted to offer a little support and tell you what a wonderful example of giving you are showing your kids. Good luck, Tweetey.