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Monday, November 23, 2009

New Job and Pix of the girls..

Hi all I got a job instead of these temp jobs I was working. i was only working those temp jobs really temporarily.. It was getting annoying. So about a month ago I applied at Burger King by the house here and she called me back on Friday and i was suppose to start today but I didnt have any black pants and the two pairs she gave me didnt fit and she wouldnt let me go with my black jeans I had on.. So I start tomorrow instead. I had to go get two pairs of black pants from Goodwill..

Anyway here are some photo's of the girls from last weekend I forgot about until I went to put some more of my stuff on Etsy..

We saw some deer from far away. They were eating some pumpkins people had dumped over the rail for them. We tried to get close enough to get any photo's like I wanted to.. But oh well.. You dont always get what you want. The girls were stomping in the leaves and we couldnt get them to walk any quieter.. Then we went and fed the ducks.. That is there favorite part..

My new job is Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM to 6 PM.. Between those hours.. I like that much better than working 3rd shift..

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends out there. Anyone heard from Hammer?? I notice his blog isnt there anymore?? I know he was sick for a while but I was just wondering if anyone has heard from him. Or if anyone has heard from That Girl?? I have e-mailed her as well and havent heard from her either.. These two are making nervous out there.. Where are my friends going?????? Pass on the concern if you will if you are worried also about these two bloggers.. Ask away.. Or do we need to alert the Amber Alert that they are missing. Or make up a blogger Hammer/ThatGirl Alert for those bloggers that go missing for months at a time???? Ok Ok I am trying to be funny now..

Enjoy your turkey or what ever you eat Thursday and I will be back later in the week more than likely..


Beej said...

See?? I told you it would all work out! And your girls are lovely in their little pink jackets. :)

Oh Tweetey, have a blessed, blessed Thanksgiving. Adorable!

Beej said...

I meant to say the girls are adorable lol I dont know how it got down in my thanksgiving greeting!

Gardenia said...

Looks like its frosted good there! Love the ducks! They are fun - some different personalities - do you have any favorites?

Jeannie said...

Congratulations Tweety!

What are you doing with the girls? Will you put them back in school? Or have you a sitter who will do some of the work with them?

Jeannie said...

oh - I never realized Hammer had disappeared. I think I have his email address though. Suppose it's worth a couple secs to see if that still works and if so, send a greeting.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Congrats on the job. The hours sound much better. I don't go to Hammer's blog, but That Girl hasn't posted in a year. I will send her messages every so often, but she has yet to reply. I don't know what happened to her.

Grizzly Mama said...

The girls are adorable.

Congrats on the job, Tweetey!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

tshsmom said...