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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Silly Me...

Here is silly me at the computer and sitting around the house with my foot sitting still and not doing much.. I have hobbled up and down the stairs to do laundry once today.. I am in one of those moods today where I think back in my life and I start to cry because of past thoughts..

Missing family.. All family members including the four legged furry ones... I have som any tears today and every year around this time. I have to admit I am glad Jeff isnt home right now because of it... I have felt like crap today... I just hope I am not getting something.. The girls are getting over colds.. They are getting ready to go outside. They are driving me nuts.. They have been sick for four days now and just starting to get bouncy again..

My dad is home with mom with a new puppy... They have two dogs now and two cats...Yikes... I am not looking forward to visiting them anytime soon... I love my parents but I dont see why they needed another dog.. Anyway I am just weepy today.. I wish I could get rid of them.. I mean the weepies... I just wish I could stop crying. I am just trying to think of good things but my mind keeps going back to when I had my whole family with me..

I miss my parents over the holidays.. I am glad they were here in Sept but I wish they would put more away to come visit over the holidays.. There is just two of them and its easier for them to stay with us than it is for us to go to them... We may only have the cat but still.. Its easier for them to be here.

I remember all the decorations.. Nothing eloborate but enough.. The lights being put up each year... Ok well I am going to go and finish thinking about past and future x-mas's.. Merry x-mas every one and hope you have a good one at that... The holidays are meant for good thinking.. My thoughts are good just sad because I am not with everyone at the same time....Talk soon...


Jeannie said...

Have a good Christmas. Times changes things but new good things often replace the old. We often think life was better when we were young but we had very few worries as our parents took care of everything. Just work to make a nice Christmas - lots of love and warmth and some special treats - for your girls and they'll look back and remember how good it was when they were little.

Beej said...

Tweetey, I posted a special video over at my blog for your girls. Please have them sit and watch it today.

You are a special lady and a beautiful mom. Merry Christmas from my house to yours. xoxox

tshsmom said...

Jeannie's right!
Sit back and enjoy each other this year. Count the blessings you DO have. Then work like hell to make next year better.

Merry Christmas to all of you! We LOVE you!!

Grizzly Mama said...

Merry Christmas to you, your husband and those beautiful girls, Tweetey!

My girls have been sick, too. :-( The oldest has lost her voice and can't sing in choir for Mass tonight.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! I sent you an e-mail but haven't heard back yet. .....

Ca... said...

Sometimes tears are shed to cleanse the soul. Here is a little bit of prose I wrote sometime back. Maybe it'll help. Your friend, CA

I try to push through the thing that holds me; the thing I wish would lift and let me go.
I cannot yet tell if it is happiness or sorrow that summons
me to the outer place; a place I dare not go on my own.
Is that another one I see, trying to do as I try to do;
gain access to the outer place and slide,-
and linger,-only for one brief moment?
I am out and the light is blinding; more than I could ever have
imagined! I see another at my side and more
behind me, doing what we do, fulfilling our destinies,
living our brief lives in only the twinkling of an eye.
Now I disappear; I have lived for the briefest of moments
but I have done my duty; performed superbly,
lived only for an instant but have lived well.
Until another time when I am needed to do only
that which I alone can do, farewell from me and
farewell from my family, we teardrops.