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Thursday, July 22, 2010

People.. In General...

Hi there.. Over on Tuesday I had company from out of state for a little bit. They were driving from Chicago to Appleton WI.. And we are half an hour from Appleton. They came and visited us.. Well I have known this couple for almost 30 years.. I was six when I met them. M was my bus driver for kindergarden.. and his wife M met my mom after I accidently forgot to get off the bus one day. I was day dreaming and forgot where my stop was..LOL.. Six year olds are funny people..

Well M and M brought there grandson to Chicago to see his other grandma and decided since they were going to Appleton they could swing up here to visit too. Just a quick visit. It was a nice visit. Well anyway M and M's grandson has some problems and I knew about most of them.. He turned 5 today. I bought him a card and a dollar truck.. L the mother didnt even say thank you.. Rude little bitch if I have ever seen one in my life.

I have known her since she was about 3 and she is just rude. I hate when I see kids I have known that long and they are rude with me or my family.. Jeff and Mr M dont get along at all.. Jeff cant stand the way Mr M talks to people.

Well anyway I had to go get Jeff while they were here and Mr.M just took me because he said if he has to move the truck he might as well drive it.. So we went and got Jeff and you should have seen the look he gave me when I told him that he had to get in the back seat..LOL... It was funny.. But it wasnt a bad look. Nor disgust just a what the hell look basically..

But anyway.. Jeff and I had a small bet that J was potty trained. I guess it was more wishful thinking on my part for him having problems.. I guess according to my mom he cant talk, he can barely hear anything.

But my point to this all is that you can teach a mentally retarded child to use the toilet, a blind child you can teach, a deaf child.. So why cant they teach J to go to the bathroom also.. they dont force him.. My mom has told me J takes off his diapers and runs around naked but they just put him in another one and put his clothes back on him. He doesnt want to be in those diapers but doesnt know how to get out of them..

I feel sorry for him. I asked my mom yesterday while talking to her if that is borderline abuse.. I mean he is five and ready for the toilet and has been for some time now and they keep him diapers.. Come on. He has been giving them hints since he was like 18 months my mom has told me. She has watched the little guy for L when she has had to work..

You know how sick it makes me to see this. I dont know if its because my girls were exceptionally smart at the age of 18-20 months or what but they were both done by time they were 2.. it took us like 3 months with Kora to get her all the way done but we got it done.

Bri took like a month with night time. It was hit or miss with her at night time for me.. It took me a long time to get to her before she peed the bed.. I hated using diapers at night with her..

So what is wrong with these people that a five year old is still in diapers???? I dont get it..

Its like a neighbor girl I am not sure if I have mentioned or not. She is Bri's age and she still shits herself at night.. She cant go to Kindergarden until they stop her from doing that. She wont ask for anything. Daddy has to ask for her. She was here last week and she refused to ask for a glass of water and I refused to get her one until she asked for it.. Daddy isnt always going to be there to ask for her.. I may seem mean but come on.. Life isnt easy and I see it as you have to learn to ask for your self..

When we go out to McD's or any restaraunt for that matter both of my girls order for themselves.. Now that both girls can read for the most part. Bri struggles a little bit yet but not as bad as she did at the beginning of last year..

I hate comparing my kids to other peoples kids.. I just dont know if its because they are smarter or the way they are brought up.. I just dont know. but I try.

Ok I am off and will be around later maybe. I made rounds yesterday..


Jeannie said...

I agree that the 5 year old should be out of diapers unless there is some other physical issue at work. Potty training does require certain physical maturity. My daughter is smart as a whip (she taught herself to read early) but it took forever for her to be potty trained. And years at night. We had to get her up every night - and she doesn't remember any of it - or she would pee the bed until she was about 10. She just conked out so deeply and her sphincter or bladder or whatever, would just let go.

I don't know that a kid who is a guest should necessarily ask for stuff on their own. They may be shy or perhaps even told NOT to ask. If you are the host, you should be offering refreshments to your guests anyway so they shouldn't have to ask.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I can't comment on the potty training for this particular child, not knowing whether there is some mental or developmental issue preventing this. I know my son took a long time to potty train, even though his sister trained very quickly. Could just be a gender difference, or a biological difference. As for kids in general, I think we do a disservice to our children when we coddle them and do everything for them. How will that help them function in the real world? Just my two cents worth.

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie I have to correct myself on something said in the post.. The girls father told me not to offer her anything. He told me to make her ask for it that day while they were here. He was trying to make her open up to others a bit..

VV this child is like 3 year old in a 5 year old body.. Its hard to explain. His real father wasnt watchign him one day while he was suppose to be and at 9 months old he got ahold of some very strong meds.. I dont know if that helped with the process of his slow developement or not but its not right. I know boys can be harder but they have started with him and just threw him back in adiaper for some reason..

Grizzly Mama said...

That's a shame about that little guy. My girls took forever to potty train - atleast it seemed that way to me. I didn't force them to do it, but I realized with the oldest one that those disposable pullups are a waste of time. I put her in her cotton undies and the potty training just sort of happened after that. There were some messes, but that is a part of it. They were 3 when it was all said and done - night time, pooping everything. I think every kid is different, and I also think that pushing them before they are ready is a mistake.

If your mom is watching him, perhaps she could help in that department? I know when I was watching other kids, the younger kids seemed to want to emulate the older kids and I encouraged that. Maybe she could, too.

I think it's great that the girls order for themselves at a restaurant. Mine do, too.

Gardenia said...

Poor kids. Something doesn't sound right does it? Been a while since I raised kids - but twenty years ago such developmental delays were seriously looked into. Hope these kids get some help.

You've done a great job with your girls!

S.M. Elliott said...

Oh no, I didn't know he couldn't hear! But you're right, I don't think that would get in the way of potty training. That poor guy will have an uphill battle as it is, without being toilet-trained.

Anyways, what is it with people stopping by your place on their way to Minnesota from Chicago? Sheesh, these out-of-staters! Hee hee.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Hey, a whole week without a Tweety post is like a week without sunshine. Where you at?