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Sunday, August 01, 2010

This last week..

Hi all.. Sorry I have been missing. I have had a hard week. We brought the girls to his mothers house last Saturday and we had a wonderful week alone but I have had some emotional ups and downs.. I havent felt like being alone much while he was on vacation this week.

Saturday we brought the girls to his mothers house and then we came home and did nothing maybe played some yaztzee but not much else going on.

Sunday I dont remember so well..LOL.. I think we just layed around and watched tv and played more yaztzee and I finished up a couple of projects I had been working on.

Monday we got wristbands to go to EAA in Oshkosh again this year. One of the guys Jeff works with got them for us. I wanted to go Monday because they had the Group Chicago there for a concert and I wanted to see them live but I didnt of course because we had so many tall people in front of us and they refused to sit down. I was pissed off, hot and hungry.. LOL..

Tuesday we spent at home because we both were to hot and miserable from Monday and I had to work Tuesday. I almost lost my job tuesday night. I went into work and found they had used my mop to clean up some water in the basement. I went along with my work and didnt realize the mop looked like shit and I turned lights off as I went and didnt do a final walk through. Well The Boss Called Wednesday and said this is my last chance to get it right or i am done.

Wednesday we went to a state park and just sat around reading and getting chewed on by the bugs. So we came home. I applied at a gas station when we stopped for some gas before going out to the park.. I dont have a safety selling liquor thingingy so i dont think they will be calling me back anytime soon. Even I wanted to get one just to put on the application I dont know where to start..

Thursday we spent around the house again I believe.. And I went back to work and found my final notice in my bucket and I took four hours to get the job done right when it was only suppose to have taken me 3 1/4 hours. I took an extra 45 minutes to do the job 100% like he wants me to do it..He was going over there Friday to see how I did and he never called on Friday so knock on Wood that he doesnt call tomorrow complainging.

Friday was payday and we figured out our bills of course and then we went bowling and then to Red Robin for dinner and then home. We were going go to a movie but there was nothing interesting at the theater.. Before we left Friday for our date Jeff's moms partner calls and asks if we could come get the girls because she threw her back out.

Saturday we took our trip out there and picked up the girls.. They were more than ready to come home with attitudes in tow.. LOL.. They enjoyed there time away but they were ready to come home. I was ready for them to come home I missed them terribly.

Today I am sitting here alone with the computer and jeff is down stairs. The girls are outside across the street playing with the kids. I mowed the lawn today and I have one load of laundry in the dryer. I will catch up with that tomorrow. I washed Jeff's hats for for work. they arent part of his uniform but he likes wearing them because of the sores on his head..

Give me a few days to catch up on house work and spending time with the girls when they decide to come home from there friends house and I will give my two cents on EAA this year. I wish we could have seen Chicago though. that woudl have been really neat. Even if we couldnt have seen them up close but we couldnt even hear them with the crowd they had with all the damned chatter even after they got started.. It was bull shit to be honest with you.. Well anyway this is where I have been hiding and I will be around to make rounds later or tomorrow sometime. Hope you all had a wonderful week also..

I enjoyed every minute with my hubby.. Now I just have an emotional problem to fix for myself.. Not sure if its because I didnt cry one time while the girls were gone or just me.. No its not that time of month either people.. I had that before we took the girls to his mothers house..LOL...


Jeannie said...

It's nice to get a change. I'd have liked to hear Chicago too. I can't believe that people were that noisy - or maybe they didn't have the sound system loud enough.

I guess you'd better do a walk through yourself after you do your job.

Beej said...

Gosh it sounds like the week was one big emotional roller coaster! I'm sorry, tweetey.

Glad the girls are back home. Amd I hope all goes well with the job ordeal.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Sounds like a great week even with the little hiccups. Sorry you couldn't see Chicago that is a bummer :(.

Oh girl I think we all need to do a little work on ourself. HUGS

Vancouver Voyeur said...

It looked like perfect weather for the EAA. It sounds like you had plenty to do even with the girls gone. Make sure you do final walk throughs on your jobs and you should be okay. Good luck!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like you had a good week with your hubby....Glad the girls are home now, and I hope you do that final walk through just for safety sake.

Thanks for your kind and caring words about Sweetie---I PRAY he will be okay.