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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I feel like Shitola...and other stuff..

Hi my friends. i am taking a break from everything today except for sitting on my arse and crocheting here in a few minutes. I feel like someone beat me and left me for dead. I am sore and achy and just feeling like shit... I started last night right before I came home with a sore throat. I thought maybe it was to much Central Air or the Cool air in the car.. So I opened a window in the car and it didnt work. Its to hot and humid to open a house window today.. but feeling achy and just blah I know its a summer cold of sorts..

I went down stairs to swap my laundry because I left some clothes from yesterday that had been bleached in the washer and I felt like i was going to fall down the stairs.. I was just that dizzy.. I am going to fold these two loads of laundry and then park my ass on the couch and crochet for the rest of the day until I have to go to work. I can work like this. I wonder if its because I only had two meals yesterday I feel dizzy. Not enough food in my system..

I dont know whats up but I know I am just taking a break. I am getting enough done to make the house look decent and that is it..You know when Jeff gets sick he doesnt do much and when I am sick and home alone with the girls I am still mom and home maker.. So when he's home I try and take advantage of what he can do for me. I know when I was sick in December over x-mas he did quite a lot for me even with him being sick. We both got hit pretty bad in December. I got it worse than he did though for some reason and the girls didnt get hit at all with the two of us beign ill.. I am suprised..

I know one thing and I hope it never happens again. I slept for almost four days straight back in December and then in February when I started for Service Master I got ill again but not as bad.. I just ended up with stomach problems and having to go to the bathroom alot.. No throwing up that time.. but i still am taking a break fora few days if I can manage. i dont have to work tomorrow thankfully.. I work 3 days a week and I need more hours but I need to find another job..

I have a job interview on Monday at 10 AM.. Wish me luck and send good vibes.. I need this extra job. I am going to run both of them as long as I can. We are in need of money. Jeff has an idea for an extra job he can manage too.. I will tell you about that when he finds out if the company will hire him..

Other wise life is good here. I am still working on my blanket and some smaller things for my shop. I made some hats recently. I could post pix here.. I might as well. I copied a pattern but it didnt turn out right.. lol..

The pink one is the one i copied a pattern but it didnt turn out the way it was suppose to and i think it looks cute with the way it did.. enjoy.

Green one i made up with my own pattern sort of like the one I used for the pink one but slightly different.

This one here I made with an Emerld Green and Avacado knitting yarn.. I had some left over from someone who gave me some knitting yarn. I have noticed it makes crocheting items just as nice.

Then here are all three hats.. I brought them in and used the arm of my chair to take these...

Life in the R household.. I am always doing something and so are the rest of us. Kora is learning to crochet slowly. She has her own hook and ball of yarn but refuses to practice and I might enforce it once school starts as an art project.

Bri is learning to finger crochet making a chain and just tearing it out and working on that right now. I dont have the patience to help her with a hook yet. they both want to learn but refuse to sit and practice.. sounds like a child huh??LOL..

Ok I am off to fold his uniforms and then rest until my whites are done drying and then that is it for today. I will make rounds tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend if I dont talk to any of you until monday or so.. Happy weekend..

UPDATE.. feeling better and have a post tomorrow but dont have time tonight.. i am hoping to have good news tomorrow too.. keep your fingers toes and other things crossed for me please.. good thoughts coming my way please..


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope you feel better very soon---It probably is a GOOD thing to rest as much as you can.
I will send GOOD VIBES for Monday....!

Thanks for your sweet encouragement about Sweetie...I think he will be coming home on Saturday.....!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Don't feel guilty about sitting on your butt. Listen to your body, sometimes you just need to sit still. Good luck on Monday!

Jeannie said...

Feel better soon - take it easy. And I hope you get the job if it's right for you.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh hun it's not good when mom is sick because we're still expected to keep it all together. You take some down time so it doesn't get worse.

Prayers sent for the new job for you and Jeff.

Good luck darling!!!