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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bummed Out

Hi all. I am bummed out today. I applied for a day job and they make you take this assessment test to see how well you answer questions and such..Well you need 75% or better to get the second interview and I didn't pass it. I hate when jobs like that judge you on how you answer questions.. Its really stupid OK.. Well in the mean time I called The Temp Agency I was working for last year and I am back at the same place the had me last year. I liked the job but the hours were so sporadic I had found something permanent. Well this time its 3rd shift and its long term for now. i dont like 3rd shift but hey I will take what I can get right now. I am going to keep Service Master for as long as I can stand working both jobs. Its going to be hard to get everything done in my week but you know what I have three helpers at home. they can do what they can and I will pick up the slack. jeff works 50 hours a week too yet so its not like he's not doing anything.. Anyway that is what is going on here. I am working two jobs for the time being. If something comes up where this second job becomes more hours and I cant handle both I will let my measly ten hours a week with Service Master go.

I am only making about 300 dollars a month with him and it seems like everytime I turn around something isnt good enough. I went into clean last night and the parking lot was almost full because of a damned Packer game. they were charging 10 dollars for parking and I told the lady that was charging for the parking if they were going ot charge the cleaning lady 10 dollars i was going home. I didnt have it.. I had my work shirt on but still.. I wasnt happy. i was going to be even more PO if the parking lot was full. I wasnt going ot park 3 blocks away just to clean the office.

I had my phone in my hand when I turned the corner realizing that the parking lot was almost full. I almost hit a car on my way out last night because I didnt see him parked right behind me. Well ok not right behind me but close enough to make it hard to get out of the parking lot. I wasnt a happy camper lets say the least. The Boss at Service Master has been a P A lately and I am sick of him being so picky. I understand that the Dentist office is a perfessional place and has to be spotless because of the patience and other things but he nit picks..

but I am doing better than when I first started at the Dentist office. Lots better. Lets just hope I can keep it up and keep up with the second job. I wont see Jeff much but you know what when I do i will take advantage of it.

Arent they cute. Just something to make you smile at besides my slump I am in.. Talk to you all soon. have a wonderful and pleasant weekend.


Jeannie said...

I'm sure it's hard for you. Are you still home schooling or will you send the kids off this year?

Beej said...

I'm sorry its been such tough going for you lately. I know it will get better tho.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Chin up Tweets, I've been working two jobs for three years now. You can do it. Just schedule your time and house chores and work efficiently, you can do it. Lots of people are working longer and harder in this economy. I'm still hoping it won't last forever.

Candy Minx said...

Oh dear, rough going. Job hunting is really such a drag.

I am so friegtened at your phone in car story...I hope you won't use your phone while dangerous even just holding it! I am so glad nothing bad happened with you or the other car. Whew!

Hope you get some down time this weekend !


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope it all works out for you with the new job. Times ceretainly are tough. Keep your chin up.

S.M. Elliott said...

I hope things look up for you soon, either at one job or both. It could get a lot easier as you get into a routine and the work becomes second nature.

Jay said...

Keep your spirit up!

It's great to be back, and thanks for visiting.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh sorry sweetie, I just got your msg that you found another job and will quit the cleaning one. I think It will be good for you. The cleaning job just seems more then it is worth.

I'll pray the new job and the night shift works best for you :). HUGS