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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Nora Jane by Ellen Gilchrist

Some of you may have been left alone with a drunk mother or no father at all in some cases.. Well this book is fiction but this poor little girl named Nora Jane has been there and done that basically.. You get left alone and dont know what to do and dont know who to love or trust when you are older.. And you only have one person who loves you and they leave you.

Well a anyway Nora Jane A l ife in Stories..

Nora Jane was only 4 years old when her father died in the war.. She spent many days with her grandmother. Nora's mother was so depressed she got drunk after Nora's father passed away.. Her grandmother said NJ's mother wasnt strong.. And this went on for years.. When NJ was 14 she had to sell stuff just to pay her way into her Catholic School she was attending because they were just that poor.

At the age of 19 she met this guy and they hooked up and they lived together for a about a year. He taught her how to steal and rob things.. Real good theif in my OK OK. anyway she wanted to go to SF too so she needed money. She decided she was going to rob the nearest bar. She checked it out and found who goes there and such..

Well in the process she gets it done and takes the money and runs.. She gets to SF and finds her way to Sandy's place. Its deserted and no one home. She breaks a window and goes in and makes herself at home. He never shows up while she is there..

One day she is out and reading a book and this guy notices her and asks what she likes to read and she answered him. Well he goes I know a real good book store around the corner and takes her to his book store. The door is locked and it confuses her at first when he takes the keys out of his pocked and unlocks the door. Well they walk back to the office and she tries to rob him but she talks her out of it. She is scared shit less at this point.

Freddy talks NJ into going home with him and just staying for the night. Watching movies and talking.. NJ agree's to this. She is hungry and scared so this makes sense to her. Well in the weeks to follow NJ sort of falls for Freddy but not as hard as Freddy has fallen for her. So you have to guess here that Sandy shows up in the picture too.

this makes things upside down for both NJ and Freddy. NJ says she is done with Sandy but something goes wrong and she ends up calling sandy and they end up in bed together and then some thing really serious happens..

NJ ends up pregnant and doesnt know who the father is.. Oh goodness gracious.. they did a test but both guys were the same blood type.. Well she tells both guys and she leaves Freddy and decides to give it a whirl with Sandy one more time. He ends up leaving her in the middle of the pregnancy and going off. He just needs some time. he left all his money to her..

Well in the midst of this all she figures she needs to see Freddy and she knows he is at Willits and she is like 7 or 8 months preggo.. She calls the neighbor out there and goes and see's him.. its winter time and the roads are horrible out by the house in Willits. So you can sort of guess what happens after Freddy picks NJ up at the train station. they get to the house and they eat and talk and go to bed. NJ wakes up all wet.. Her water broke..

She ends up giving birth to twin girls.. Lydia and Tamili. Well Freddy delivers them himself and then goes to the neighbors house to have him call in help.. He comes back and fires up the fire even more to warm the room for the new babies.

Well NJ and Freddy decide to stay together with the babies and they finally get married. NJ and Freddy are in the pool house one afternoon and this neighbor kid finds himself in there yard and falls into there pool.. Mother instinct or not NJ senses something wrong.. Well she saves him and the grandmother to the child calls his mother and she comes and gets him reluctantly.

Well along with the mother of the child NJ saves is her old boyfriend Sandy.. Well they book it out of the neighbors house and leave there house because they didnt really want to see Sandy and want him to claim what could have been his after 10 years. He had never seen the twins and so far didnt care to see them. Well in the process after NJ and Freddy and girls left, Sandy went over and broke in to see what NJ had made of herself. He saw the pix of the girls and was astonished.. But he never went after them.

There was love lost and gained in this book. Actually alot going on really.. Have you ever felt you have met your true love right away. Or have you had to think about it? I know when teens fall in love for the first time they have this mister right or miss right..

Well lets just say things turn around at the end of the book for some friends of NJ's and Freddy's.. They end up finding the perfect people and end up getting married to these people.. Everyone is so happy. You know in real life this doesnt always happen. But sometimes it does. But not often.

You have lost people do to certain illnesses also. Well Freddy ends up with Cancer and they beat it but its the thought of losing him after all these years and with kids. Yes Freddy and NJ had a little boy they named little Freddy.

Well you will just have to read the book I guess to find out everything I missed in my review wont you??LOL.. I missed alot because I hate giving to much of the book away. It was one of my bargain books from Half Price Books I got for a dollar. It was ok I have to say.. I will give it a 8/10 tweets..


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your words about Sweetie---they are much appreciated.

I had a hard time following this story so it is doubtful I will be reading it, but thanks for the review.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ohhh of course I will have to check it out!

I love 1/2 price books I find the best things there.