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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

EAA 2010

EAA Airventure has come and gone already.. We took the girls out to his mothers house two days before it started. Well we went this year on the first day and it was the most horrible EAA exp we have had. We usaully get there in time to walk around and see the planes and such but this time we got there just in time to see the Air Show..

Well we were expecting to see the military Jets they have usually but on the first day they must not have them because all they did was the air show and the planes did the same things basically. I was cool to see but boring after the first two planes because after that you knew what they were going to do. If they are going to have a show like that they should really say what is going on, on which days..

Then they had Chicago come in and sing and you couldnt see a thing.. We are short people in this house hold.. We arent very tall and with the group they had no one was sitting down and you couldnt hear them right. i wanted to see/hear them at least in concert.

The total exp just sucked this year. I have photo's but t hey didnt come out to well. I posted three of them in my last post. I have my video's of the Airventure but I need to upload them to FB first I have learned.. I dont know why I cant upload my video's to blogger from my computer

I am working on a new baby blanket and reading. I am not doing much. Just trying to enjoy whats left of summer and being cool.. Its so hot here right now. I am using a petal pink and heather grey for my blanket with a blueberry pie color for the edging when i am done with it..

I have finished a book and need to get the review out soon before i forget what it was about.. it was a dry book but some one else might like it.

Ok I am off to put my dishes in the dish washer and finish my last load of laundry from yesterday. talk to you all soon. hope you are enjoying your summer for those of you who havent posted in a while.. miss you all. talk soon. N..


Alexis AKA MOM said...

Sorry again you didn't get a good view of Chicago. We usually go see the Blue Angels when they come, Rick loves them and always makes sure to take the boys.

The blanket sounds beautiful can't wait to see the finished product.

Stay cool!!!

Beej said...

I love Chicago!! Even if your view of the stage was blocked, at least you got to hear them live.

Those colors for the blanket sound really nice together.

Candy Minx said...

Oh dear...what a blow out huh?

I hope you get a little peace with making your blanket and some rejuvenation.

sometimes crowds and festivals are a lot of fun and sometimes you can just feel like the chemistry is off. don't give time!