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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

SunRise November 8th,2010

A beautiful sunrise before I came home yesterday morning. the first photo was taken through the front windsheild of the car and when the flash went off it bounced back at so that one doesnt show how beautiful it was when it first started.. I have another post but I dont have time for it.. I have to get my thoughts straight on it.. Anyway enjoy this post for now.. Hope you all have a great week.. N..


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Very pretty sunrise. I love to watch the sun rise when I'm up that early. On another note, have you heard from Tshsmom at all? Just wondering where she's at and if she's ever coming back. I hate to keep calling and bugging her.

tweetey30 said...

VV i have to admit I havent heard from her and Kora e-mailed her and she hasnt heard back either.. I dont know.. I am worried but I know what you mean.. It has been a while since her last post. Usually she doesnt go this long with out a post as long as I have been blogging. I see her on FB once in a while.

Tamara said...

Oh how beautiful!!
Cept' now we are left hanging wondering what this mysterious next post is about...?
I SURE miss keeping up w/ you & my other faves.Facebook has me held hostage.Especially my farm(Farmville thru Facebook)...but since I've been blogging since 2002,it seems so off balance for me to just quit,like I did.
I must scroll down & do a bit of back-reading....cuz your such an inspiration,and have always been there 4 me,and I just bounced.With no explanation,and I gotta say.I miss ya girl.

tweetey30 said...

Tam I am here but not as often as I used to be either. Working 3rd shift keeps me busy and so do the girls.. But I will post the new post in a few minutes..

KC said...

Hiya Tweetybird...... Im finally back online...... Long road Im moved into a small apt in NY still with my youngest instead of the state of fla. cey la vie.
My camera crapped out so no pics yet until I figure out how to upload from the cell phone.