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Saturday, December 04, 2010


I am not in the Christmas Spirit this year. I have no tree to put up because I threw it out when X-mas was over last year and we have no money tp replace it with this year. I wanted lights up in the windows this year but no money to buy lights either. I havent even pulled out the garland.. All of you can yell at me to put it up if you want but yelling isnt going to get any of you anywhere..

Life is taking all from me and such.. I want to cry some days but cant for no reason. I just dont feel it anymore. I mean the X-mas spirit.. I am busy with work and trying to make new items for my Etsy shop that nothing is selling right now. I am slightly depressed in that area.. Not much I can do about it..

We went to Indianapolis Indiana last weekend and met a new friend of Jeff's.. She was ok. I cant say enough how I felt and I wont either. I might explain some day but not right now. Us girls went swimming like usual and Jeff watched us. The water was warm but the only thing that sucked was that when you get water in your mouth it was salty.. I dont know why but it was..

Have photo's of the girls swimming but you have seen them doing that many times over again so its not really new to any of you. I was hoping to see Candy on our way home Sunday but I guess she was busy or didnt get my message.. Shit happens.

I am waiting to get my cards from my mom to get the girls there x-mas presents from my parents.. I am also working on some new scrunchies.. I have to more to make for the set of six I will have in my shop in the next few days.. I am still liking my job except for working 3rd shift.

I miss sleeping at night with my family and being up during the day with them but its a job and its full time..

Jeff was on Vacation this last week. It felt good to hav him at home.. Not that I spent alot of time with him since I slept all day long.. He went to Eagle River Wisconsin yesterday to see another friend of his by himself..

I took the girls to a movie called Alpha and Omega by my slef yesterday. It was a good movie. the girls liked it since I didnt hear stupid assed questions half way through it.. It kept them occupied.

I have some things on my wish list and I dont think I can afford them anytime soon..I found a x-mas present for Bri today and ordered it.. She has been wanting it for a while now. She has wanted the Grumpy Bear Care Bear.. Now i have to work on Kora and see what she wants.. I know what I would love to get them but I dont know yet. It has a Star Wars theme. they love the Star Wars Movies for some reason.. I am not sure why..

I have my x-mas cards but havent filled them out yet.. I need some addresses again. i am horrible.. I need to put the addresses with the e-mail addresses in my list. that is what I need doing.. anyway I am off. I have ranted about how I feel for now. talk soon..


Jeannie said...

I haven't done anything for Christmas yet either and will be away quite a bit so I don't know when I'll do it.

Christmas is a lot of work for Moms and most of what we do is taken for granted. It's kind of a downer to have so much pressure - such high expectations that Christmas depends on us.

And working full time on nights has got to be very difficult on top of everything else.

Just get through the best you can.

S.M. Elliott said...

Jeannie's right, Christmas is really stressful if you feel you have to do everything and keep everybody happy. Just remind yourself you don't really *have to* do anything at Christmas that you don't really want to. The light police won't show up if you don't put up lights!
I got mad at Richard one year for expecting me to do all the shopping, but now I just accept that if he doesn't help shop for his family they just won't get any presents. Oh well!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I was like that for the past 2 Christmases, just no Christmas spirit. I agree with S.M., you don't "have to" do anything. Do what you want, or nothing at all. I'm doing that this year and the stress is gone. I didn't put up half the decorations I normally would, and you know what, what little I did put up, looks just fine. All done, no big hassle. It's good enough. As for money, everyone is in that boat and we're all hoping not to sink. So at least know you're not alone. At least you have a job. You know the stress would be so much worse if you weren't working. Breathe in, breath out. Don,t sweat the little stuff.

Gardenia said...

Well, back to dec. 4, and i'm going to read up, Tweety - I am sad that you are so bummed, I hope it gets better. We are at right under 12% unemployment down here - it is really rough and the food is incredibly expensive - its a struggle.

If you get a chance take the girls to the new Narnia movie - it has such beautiful principles in it that are Christian - I know movies are expensive (I have become a pro at sneaking in our own treats and cans of coke!)...but it is so worth it.

We downsized this year to a tiny tree, a bit of garland, and a few presents - had to.

Anyway am reading to top of blog now.