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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Blizzard.... Two in Two weeks now..Not even

Its been snowing since about 9 PM last night. I drove to work as it was starting and at about 4 AM the plows came through the parking lots and we had to move our cars.. It was just horrible. Yikes.. And I got home and the street had been plowed a little bit so I had to move as far over as I could and gun it into the driveway. I played bumper cars off the end of the snowbanks at the end of the drive way.. Thankfully I got control of the car before I hit the house..

Trying to explain that one to the home owners insurance and Jeff..LOL... It sucks out there and its suppose to go most of the day from what I hear.. Yuckie.. I will take photo's of the girls helping me shovel again today. Its the light fluffy stuff so its not to bad out there.. Ok I am off to bed. I need some sleep.. Talk soon..


Gardenia said...

You are working so hard - and then trying to drive in this snow - winter takes a lot out of a person that lives in the north! My gosh - this is going to be a long one, yes?

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh goodness you take it easy out there! Be Safe.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Sorry about all the snow. I once loved the stuff, but now I know I could never live where you do. It's just too much.