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Friday, September 21, 2007

Interview from Zombie

I just had to post one of my favorite songs also up above. Bear with me its long and you and you can read my answers to the interview while listening. I like Richie Havens and he is good. I should google him sometime and get some back ground on him and see what comes up. Anyway here is the deal. I asked Zombie to ask me five questions and he e-mailed them to me. Here are mine and if you are interested in joining this just ask me and i will e-mail the questions to you. You update your blog with the questions and answers. Thenyou e-mail anyone that is interested. I know alot of you have done this already but its fun to have different questions asked.

1) Who's your favorite Green Bay Packer of all time?

I am going to have to say I dont just have one favorite Packer. I liked Levens when he was here and of course everyone seems to like Farve. LOL... Green is good too though.
> 2) Did you name your kids after anyone?

I have to say Kora is named after a little girl I babysat when I was 15. This little girls mother was only 19 herself and would leave her with me for hours and didnt matter if I had school the next day or not. I mean I stopped by one afternoon after school to see I if I could take her outside for a while and her mother said no and you could hear her screaming all the way down the hall of the apt building we lived in. She thought I was her mommy.
> 3) Who got you into blogging?

I have to say Sme and Tshsmom. Sme sent me Tshsmoms link via e-mail and I liked how she had hers set up so I had Sme do mine for me since after i got mine set up the first time I couldnt figure out how to get back into it. LOL.. It was quite funny.
> 4) I know you like furniture, so what is your favorite
> style? For example, I love antique wooden furniture
> that's really heavy and will last long after I'm dead.
> What about you?
I have to say I have never thought about it. I guess old stuff restored and know its going to last a long time. The stuff made now adays just doesnt seem to want to last a very long time. Its not something you can hand down to your kids like way back when.
> 5) What is a good friend?

A good friend is some one that does something without being asked or that doesnt always ask for stuff in return. Some one that listens, is there when you need a shoulder to lay your head on and just be there. Some one like you that is sending me a book even though you dont know me personally and the only way you know me is through blog land. LOL..

I have some great friends on here and I intend to keep all of you. I know friends come and go but the friends I have made here I dont know what I would do without. Happy weekend my friends and I will catch you all on Monday like usual. If I dont have your e-mail for this just e-mail me. Its in my profile. Talk later

UPDATE ON BLUE CAR. Hi All I got an update on the Blue car i was telling you all about last week or earlier this week. The lady was Mexican and spoke with Broken English so the kids didnt understand her. Her child goes to school at the school I was telling you about and it was raining and she was trying to offer the kids a ride to school. She turned herself into the police when she realized she they were looking for her. She meant no harm. But still it was scary. N.


Gayle said...

I do indeed consider you a friend, sweet lady. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

tweetey30 said...

Gayle thank you. I do you also. You have e-mailed and made life a lot easier on me since we met besides all my other friends.

Bridget Jones said...

That was one sweet interview. How lovely!

Bridget Jones said...

p.s. totally agree with you re blogpals. (((hug)))

tweetey30 said...

BJ thanks and yes it was a very sweet interview. It been circulating for a while now and I just decided to participate this time around.

The Zombieslayer said...

That's great about the blue car, if she really didn't mean any harm. I hope she's telling the truth.

Now for the interview questions. :)

1. I love Favre, as you know. But I really liked Levens too. It was such a joy watching him run. I was sad when he got traded, and also sad when Green got traded. I hope Green continues to do well with Houston.

2. That's too bad about Kora the little girl, but I've heard the same thing from other women who take care of OPKs (other people's kids). They get mistaken for Mom by the kids all the time, because the caretakers are often closer than the real mother, which is sad.

3. SME & Tshsmom as you know are some of my favorite bloggers. Tshsmom was there from the beginning when I was first starting blogging in May 2005.

4. I guess we agree on this. That's what I like too.

5. Well, I hope you enjoy this book. I loved it. My favorite though were #5, then #4, then probably #3 is next. I liked them all, even though they start getting sad later when people get killed by Voldemort. After 7 books, you really start getting attached to these characters.

tweetey30 said...

Zombie I have known Sme and Tshsmom since I was about 8 or 9 years old. Sme and I went to school together. I am glad I can keep Tshsmom up to date on my life through here now. We had lost connection between the three of us for a very long time. I am very glad to have you all as friends.

The Zombieslayer said...

That's awesome! There's nothing like having a life long friend.

I have one friend that I lost touch with years and years ago that was in my dream last night. It got me thinking that I need to find out what happened to him. Last I heard, he moved to Oregon. The bad thing is he has a common last name.

CA said...

A suggestion for another: What does 'Home' mean to you?
"Home is a place you can go when you can't go anywhere else."

OneFullHouse said...

I'm really happy you put the update about the blue car. It's been on my mind...

I'm back by the way.

Wandering Coyote said...

Thanks for the update on the blue car. I'm glad it turned out to be benign and that the woman had the courage to turn herself in and straighten everything out. Like I said before, though, it is also good that you have diligent neighbours.

Ortho said...

Isn't funny, in today's age of terror, how we can easily mistake creepiness for kindness?

Gardenia said...

Oh, that poor lady! But I guess one can't be too careful anymore, and hopefully she will understand that. As Zombieslayer says, I hope she is tellin gthe truth.

Hope you had a mucho wonderful weekend! I've enjoyed mine!

tweetey30 said...

Zombie I did lose track of Sme so after we had both girls I went visiting and finally made it out to Tshsmoms house while visiting my parents.

CA Home is a place of your own and no other. Home is a place where you go afterwork even if you rent. A place to live and reside and be happy.

One Full House I guess I didnt know you were gone anywhere. I just thought you were slacking on blogging. LOL... That blue car incident was scary.

WC Your welcome. Yes its very good we have neighbors willing to speak up about alot of things.

Ortho yes its not funny but glad to know she turned herself in.