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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Savage Heat by Nan Ryan

Hi there. All the Ladies and maybe some Gentle man that like romances would like this one. Its copyrighted from 1989. But its still a romance. It starts out with this young girl going to see her General father that is in the Army but not stationed near his daughter in Chicago. He is in Denver.

Well she goes there and see's him and then one of his Sergerants wives throws her a party. Well Martay is getting to know this one young man and he ends up having to go talk to the Generals friend. Well the next thing he knows is that he is out looking for Martay because she has disapeared.

Well the man that kidnapped Martay Kidd has a vengence against her father and wants to get even. Well he doesnt mean to keep Martay. He wants to trade her for her father but of course her father never comes because he never recieves the letter that was suppose to be delivered to him. So about a week into this, Night Sun is riding with a this young woman on his horse to his Indian Village to keep her until her father comes for her.

Well in the process he realizes he is falling love with her and she does the same. Well Night Sun tell Martay that she has to go back and then she tells him she loves him and he realizes that he loves her and so forth and then he goes off to talk to Martay's father but comes back with bad news for her. Her father has been killed by another band of Lakota Chieftain.

Well they get married and live happily ever after. I wont get into the heated scenes between them. That is up to you to read if you are interested in this book.


Kitem said...

Sounds a very interesting book, very entertaining, nice ending.
Take care, hugs to the girls.

Jeannie said...

I hate romances. In fact, I get annoyed if an author puts an unnecessary romantic subplot into an otherwise good book. I just find them largely unrealistic. Like Christian fiction. Those drive me batty.

Gardenia said...

LOL, I could not read this book as I don't believe in the "happy ever afters." But I'm sure glad you enjoyed it - - I read a nice monster book to relax.