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Monday, February 14, 2011

Our First Outing for 2011

Hi there peeps. I have some new photo's and some active photo's from our local Zoo yesterday.. Enjoy.. We were on the highway going to our local Zoo and us girls saw some deer in the place we hike so we went there first but we couldnt see them in the woods. We went the wrong way. If we would have went up this little hill we would have seen them. there were like 30 or so in the woods.. You could see them from the highway but couldnt see them in the woods. They were so precious looking.I just wanted a photo of all those deer at once.. but we left there and decided our track onto to the Zoo. Also I have the new roller Coaster. It was Elvis Presleys favorite I hear. The Pippin Zippin..

You know I dont tell other people how to raise there kids but its getting ridiculous when you see 3 year olds in Diapers and they are talking full sentences and such..!! Its fustrating. We saw this yesterday and the kid was mouthing off to his parents while standing there messing himself while we were in the childrens part of the Zoo. We were feeding the Sheep and Goats.

Onto the Lions..they are sending the female cub to her boy friend in another Zoo this spring to have more baby cubs and then the boys here I have no idea what they are doing with them.. Then the two original ones we had they want to have more cubs too but they need to get the older cubs to there new homes first.. These five in the photo's are actually in danger I was told yesterday.. Esp with some restaurants having Lion Meat on there menus. Gross if you ask me. I dont think I could handle eating Lion Meat.. I love looking at them but eating them.. OK!!!

How Dare I forget the Giraffes.. They are only six years old and look how big they are. I asked how long they live and they live for 30 years or so.. They are wonderful looking animals dont you say?? The girls enjoy feeding them there crackers.

OK peeps i dont want to bore you with this so I am going to put this in two or three posts. I have lots of photos to share and they are wonderful photo's this time around they were all so playful yesterday and out moving around for the most part. some of the animals werent but the ones we saw were moving around and enjoying the 40Degree F day we were having here in Northern

It felt wonderful to get out and i worked last night and dont work tonight..I hate this. they are so slow they are asking people to take vacation.. LOL.. I am hoping they pick back up soon.. I dont want to get down to the last few pennies in our checking account and then have them pick back up. But you just never know with companies like this.

Ok well I am off. I have some laundry to fold and put away now the girls helped me bring the bins upstairs. and also Jeff should be home shortly. Talk to you all soon..


Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Oh wow, what fun!!

PS - my daughter has THE EXACT SAME jacket... the yellow butterfly one , how funny is that :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Such sweet pictures of such WONDERFUL Animals...I LOVE The Giraffes....!

Thank you for your kind words about dear Betty. These are hard times.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Great pix. Be careful approaching deer in the wild, they do attack, especially during mating season. In some areas they have lost all fear of humans and can be quite aggressive.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What a FUN time, love the animals were out!

Hope work picks back up!