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Monday, February 07, 2011

Hey my Friends

Hi there. I have decided to do something.I filed for unemployment today. Not that I am happy with that decision because it makes me feel like I am sitting on my behind and just collecting money.. But I made a bigger choice today and I am going to run with it..

I have decided to go back to School. I have decided that if I have to take out loans I will and we can pay them back.. I am going for a Health Care Business Services. Basically the same thing I went for with Stratford Career Insitute but this is a credited college and its local. I will have to leave the house for my classes except for a few of them. I will have to go on line and do some of my classes.. Or at least that is what I was told..

I am sick of just waiting for things all the time. Jeff and I are going to brush up on math skills and then I am going to go and take there Acu Test and pass it this time around.. I want this so bad I can taste it. I want something better for my hubby and my girls..

They deserve better than there mother sitting on her ASS and getting money from different things. I want something better for myself. I want this education. I will have it done in two years. Its a two year program.. I will have to go into class sometimes or some of its online.. I will have to budget my time and get my ass going in the morning. I asked the girls how they would like mom doing home work when they do home work.

So there you go peeps I have come up a with a Solution to our problems for the time being and long term idea. I will be the best at what i am learning. I will memorize the things that need memorizing and do them. I need this or my family is screwed. I like my job now I have when I have it but if the hours are going to be there one minute and not there the next I cant take that as a good thing.

I need a stable job and stable work for my family. I dont want to keep on going back to unemployment everytime my job goes down hill. Thanks for supporting me and telling me I can do it and we will make it. I have a plan and it feels good to have a plan.

I will go back to work for this temp agency until I finish school but when I am done I think I will try to find something that the school suggests.. they place you if you are in there top best students. I want to be one of the best students. I want this so bad.. I dont want to get cocky with it and let it slide. I want it. I want to go back and get something for me and my family finally.

anyway I went to ship something today. I sold some knitting needles that I had laying around the house today and I was wondering how much the UPS would charge me and they wanted something like 150.00 dollars. NO that is NOT a misprint.. I took it to the Post Office and they only charged me $14.20.. What a difference huh??LOL!!!

OK I have to go get my hubby from work. I will be back later on.. I am trying to post a bit more since I am home more often for the time being and make up with missing you all. N.


The Griper said...

1.don't settle for loans, tweety. there are too many grants out there to get.
2.and don't depend on the school getting you a job. that is a sales pitch.
3. go out and see how many openings there are in the field you want then decide for yourself .

Jeannie said...

It's so good that you are motivated. Check out all the school's offerings though in case you see something that could be a good fit if you don't pass the math test.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Tweets, listen to The Griper. Because your income is probably low, and you have kids, you should qualify for Pell grants and likely other free money that you won't have to pay back. Avoid private loans at all costs! If you have to take any loans, take the lowest amount you can and make sure they are federal loans through the government. They have a much lower interest rate and a more humane pay back plan. Good luck, I know you can do it.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Well, good for you for doing this. You really sound like you have thought it through, and I'm happy for you.

I went back to school for 2 years when my kids were little and I got my accounting diploma as a single mom with minimal student loans. Because at that time I was low income with small kids, I also got most of the schooling paid for. It was the best thing I did for my family.

I agree with all the commenters above, if you can qualify for grants first, take that route.

No matter which way you go though, you will do great because you are determined and ready for this change. Here's to a great year for you guys!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I agree with everyone there are a lot of grants out there see what you can find. Good for you for looking at all options.

Wow talk about a difference in price.

S.M. Elliott said...

That sounds like a good idea. I'd agree with everyone to check out all your funding options before getting a loan, and checking to see if there will be enough opportunity for work once you graduate, but if it's a good opportunity by all means go for it!