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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My sweetest Hubby Ever and more

Hi there. I have great news and my early Valentines Day present to share with you all. What to share first.. I am going back to work tomorrow. I dont know if its for one day or all week or a month but I am going back to work tomorrow night. I got the call yesterday afternoon finally.. I am still jumping up and down..

My bestest hubby in the world bought me flowers early yesterday for Valentines Day. I am so happy with them.. I didnt get a photo of me with them but he also picked up a stuffed animal for me too. I slept with it last night. Call me a baby but you know what we all have child like behaviors and I have mine sleeping with my pillow pet he bought me for x-mas and my new Valentines Day Present..LOL..

OK here are the photo's you all are waiting for..

Book Review even though I am not very good with them..

In The Still of the Night by Ann Rule

Any mother would be devastated with what has happened in this book. I mean of you mothers out there need to read this book. Even if you arent a mother you know a mother.. Its a mothers need to find a killer and get answers even if its 12 years later after the fact.

The book starts out with this young woman wanting to become a WSP (Washing State Patrol). She succeeds in life and works that for like 8 years and resigns. then she is married and she miscarried her several babies so that makes her life a living hell if any of you have miscarried you know. Well anyway she ends up divorced and finds love right away or so she thinks she does.

Her second husband divorces his wife of 20 years or so to be with her. Well 2 months into the marriage husband number 2 decides to have an affair. with his ex wife. WOW!! What a blow to the system right?? Well Go figure..

one spoiled rotten self centered young man.. Or middle aged man by this time. Of course he just cant get away with not returning to something was his in the first place.

Well he is at a drs appt and gets a call from his new wife. She is leaving him and they were talking about her dogs and what should be done with them until she comes home from Washington.

I have left out lots of stuff here. I am sorry I am a horrible person to put up book reviews.. but I try to get the highlights that stick in my head. well anyway Rondas mother has never given up hope on finding her daughters killer(s). I recommend this book to any one who has a daughter, knows a mother, has grand daughters.

In 2009 Rondas case was over turned maybe the wrong term.. but she was finally put as a homicide not a suicide on her death certificate.. Now they are looking for the person(s) her killed her. I had a hard time putting this book down. I like true crime books as well as fiction. MY MIL bought this for me for x-mas and with working and crocheting I havent had time to really read. I took my break this last week and caught up on one book. I am finishing The Mayfair Witches Chronicles too. but that is going to be put on hold too.

I will try to visit and post more often even though I am going back to work. I have more photo's to share with you all and cant right now because its my MILs b-day blanket.. Its almost done.. I dont need it until June but I am almost done with it. I am so proud of how its turning out.

Life couldnt be better right now. Call me crazy but everytime my palm itches I get money some way but I am happy to be going back to school. I just told Jeff the other day the only way I wouldnt go back to school is if my temp job offered me a permanent position. At least another dollar and at least 40 hours a week.. I like my job but not when they are going to lay me off for god only knows how long.. Anyway I need to go do something else for a bit.. happy Valentines Day my friends..


Vancouver Voyeur said...

You are so much like me! That puppy looks so ultra soft and cuddly. M used to get me those stuffed animals until our bedroom started to get overrun with them. Now I want a real puppy. *grin*

tweetey30 said...

VV me too but jeff wont let me have one right now.. so i am satisfied with a stuffed animal for the time being besides snowie..

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

That is so nice of him to do that. Very thoughtful. I am happy you are married to someone who takes the time to show you that they care!

Happy Valentine's Day to you guys :)



Jeannie said...

The flowers are beautiful! The book sounds interesting too.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

yeah to the flowers, cute pics :).

Can't wait to see the blanket. Way to go on the school :)