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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Hi there.. We went to the Circus Sunday as I had told you about in the previous post.. Well here are some photo's to share.. We got front row tickets this year so I didnt have to climb the stairs to get to the seats and be scared shitless up in the bleachers like I normally am because I hate heights..LOL..Yes I am a big wuss when it comes to heights..Anyway here comes the fun. Sit back and enjoy and I will do these in parts because there are so many photo's this time around that actually turned out because we were sitting closer this year

There is no way you would get me up there to do these tricks.. NO WAY!!!!YIKES!!!!

More to come but here is the tease.. I know how some people feel about Circus's but it not just about the animals for me. Its the performers. I mean i love watching how big the elephants are.. I love watching the tigers.. We were walking into the Circus and of course you have the people who boycot the circus each year and they were handing out coloring books. they tried giving the girls each one and Jeff being who he is told them to shove there coloring books up there asses. He said his children didnt need to have one of there anti coloring books..

The lives in the R family.. We go so many places and do so many things.. I still havent contacted the bank yet hoping my card would turn up over the week. I will call on Monday if it doesnt. I really feel stupid and know it happens but I should have put it back in my purse when I was done with it.. Oh well it happens.. I am really tired today..

Our company leaves tomorrow.. Jeff has to bring her back to Milwaukee and I have to work tomorrow night.. I might hav to ride the bus tomorrow night.. I really dont want to ride the bus.. I havent had to ride the bus since we got our first car and I know its there for if we need it but I am just spoiled of getting in the car and going. I hate not having two cars anymore..

Anyway this is one post of a few more to come. I wont bore you with this unless those of you who either have never been to one or like them i will post lots of photo's.. I have two video's too but for some reason blogger wont upload them so i am not sure i will get them loaded anytime soon..


Jeannie said...

Looks like the circus is the same as it was 20 years ago!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Wow, you got really good photos in low light. Good job! I remember going to the circus when I was little. I don't remember how old I was, I only remember feeling overwhelmed with so many lights, sounds, smells, movements all around me.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

Wow - that reminds me of when I used to go to the circus back in Europe, when I was little, I haven't been in 30 -some years, lol. I feel old now.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wowzer that is too much fun, I'm going next time!