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Monday, March 08, 2010


Hi all..I know how some of you feel about the Circus but to me there is more to just the animals at the Circus. There is the proformances of these dare devils and such.. These beautiful women travleing around the states and doing these high line/wire acts..

The ones we saw Saturday afternoon were amazing... This year the girls got to do something they have been asking to do for a couple of years now and we just had the money this year.. They have elephant rides at the Circus here.. They got to ride the elephant.. I didnt go up with them and neither did Jeff. But I took about six pix of them riding the Elephant.. It was so neat to see them up there..

Now on to the Tigers.. This guy is great with them.. I have video but not sure if it will load. I have been having troubles loading my video's.. You can hear the music they are playing for the tigers.. Its amazing really.. But I will at least upload the still pix.. If i can get the video to load i wish the lady behind us would have shut up while I was taping and the people in front of us kept getting up and down. It was most annoying.. Esp when you are only 5'3" roughly...Its hard being short...

I have another video but dont know if this one will load. I am hoping it will this time for me. Its not very long... Only six minutes long.. But these people were on this swing like thing and getting high enough and then they were jumping off it and rolling down this piece of silk you might say..It was pretty amazing but I was getting blurry pix with taking a whole bunch of still so I had to take video of this one..

Couldnt get the video to load...I dont know whats wrong with the video and such. I dont know if its blogger or my camera loading into the computer. I can play the video's on the computer but cant load them onto blogger. I could always try to load them into Youtube.. But I dont know.. But I do have plenty more pix.. There were so many people Saturday afternoon. We usually go Saturday night but I wanted to go in the afternoon and get it over with where the girls could come home and get to bed half way early.. It worked too. We finished off the evening with dinner and a bonfire in the back yard.. It was awsome. Then Jeff played his game for a bit on the computer down stairs and i crocheted and read for a while.

I am reading the May Fair Witches right now.. Its an interesting book so far.. Well I am gone for now. i will be back later... I need to help Bri with her homework.. The glory of home schooling but i enjoy it when everyone is willing to work..


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Nice pix! Who hasn't taken their kids to the circus, the zoo, etc.? I have a picture somewhere of my daughter when she was a baby, she and I are sitting on top of an elephant at a Renaissance Fair.

Beej said...

Your kids will remember the day they rode the elephant for the rest of their lives!

Grizzly Mama said...

I LOVE a circus! The girls rode an elephant at the Philadelphia zoo years ago. I was a nervous wreck the entire time they were up there!