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Friday, March 19, 2010

Newest Item and Job

Hi there.. VV was asking how the job is going. Its going great so far.. I have been able to get the account done in two hours... It should be taking 3 hours but I dont even skip anything. I find myself finding extra stuff to do to stay there for a full two hours.. I have been known to take 2 1/2 hours when its really bad..Sometimes I have to take out trash twice and the recycling twice.. So that takes a while and then changing the bag in the Oreck Vacuum the Boss seems to like over Kirby..LOL..I like my Kirby though.. I havent had any complaints..I met up the HR (Human Resource) person a week ago yesterday and she said she likes what I am doing. I also met up with the Nurse/Saftey director and she likes what i am doing to the nurses station.. So two compliments in one night. That must make the Boss happy to hear when he talks to the account manager...

Anyway here is what I have done for the DR WHO scarf.. Nothing fancy and I have the approval to move on with it.. This person in her profile has Creepsville PA but that is not where she is from.. Its funny..

I think its turning out really cool. It was Jeff's idea to put 5 rows purple 2 rows colonial blue, 2 rows terracotta, 5 rows purple 2 rows olive green, 2 rows rust and so forth.. Just repeat the pattern. I got the go ahead to finish with this pattern last night.. So I have been working on it today a little bit between going to the grocery store and then putting groceries away... And then home schooling.. Just a busy person lately. Keeping busy..

I have been really tired lately too.. I have been eating and good foods suprisingly. I have been eating many salads.. Just craving the salads and eggs and meat to go in Chef Salads..

Anyway life here in the R family home is just like usual weird.. I want to go out tomorrow but not sure if we are going to be able to.. South of us is getting snow and we are suppose to get rain.. Yes i said rain... Its been really nice here lately. I actually wore shorts to work the other night.. It felt so much better than wearing my jeans. I didnt leave work so dang warm I got the chills like w hen I wore my jeans the night before..

I am trying to talk Jeff into letting me have a new outfit for Easter.. I found this really pretty black and white outfit on I just love the color of it.. They dont have it here it here in the store. I am not traveling to get it either but they have a special delivery pice. It is .97 cents.. I like that. I was hoping to get the girls each an outfit for Easter also.. Nothing special just something to wear to his mothers house and my dad's house maybe if we have enough. We are going to my dad's house on April 3rd and then his mothers house on April 4th (Easter).. So we have a plan there..

Ok well I need to go get a few things done before the old man comes home.. I will make rounds tomorrow morning before he comes home from work.. Talk to you all soon..

There is one thing Jeff did yesterday and he is worried about it.. He told a joke while everyone else was joking around.. And he's worried about his job.. I can tell you the joke and you tell me if you think its offensive???

There were three men that went into the Drs office..

Dr see's each of them privately. One is a drunk and the dr says that if he takes one more drink he will die.

Then the dr sees the second guy. Heavy smoker and tells the guy if he has one more cig he is going to die..

Well dr see's the third man and says if he has sex with one more man because he's gay he is going to die..

Well the three men leave together and the drunk just couldnt pass up the bar so he went in and had his last drink. he died..

The man that couldnt smoke again saw a cig and wanted to bend over to pick it up but just couldnt do it...

The gay guy told the guy that wanted the cig that he was thankful he didnt bend over because then they would both be dead... LOL......

Well they were telling hot dog jokes at work last night and Jeff was clocked out and this one guy got offended by this joke.. I am not really good at telling jokes by typing them out. I can do ok when I talk to people.. But enjoy the joke for what you can understand it and I am gone for now.. Happy Weekend..


Jeannie said...

So glad this job is working out - so much better than fast food huh? Nice to be appreciated. Do you get paid by the hour or the job?

Scarf looks pretty.

Don't know how the joke could have been told any better than that!

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie I get paid by the hour.. I get paid for 3 hours regardless if i do three hours or not.. I feel i take the extra money but that is how the job is set up.. so I am nto complaining... Oh I love this job compared to fast food my friend.. Thanks about the scarf..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds like you are getting the appreciation you deserve at this job! HOORAY!
Pretty colors in that scarf...!
As to the joke...What was the guy offended by? Knowing why he was offended may say more about him than the joke.

tweetey30 said...

OOLH yes that is what my husband and i were talking about last night when he told me about this guy being offended by the joke... Stupid really.. Nothing was said today about it but its best left alone type of thing..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Glad things are going well for you. Congrats on the compliments at the job. Keep up the good work.

Grizzly Mama said...

SO glad you're getting the appreciation that you deserve, Tweetey. Love the scarf and hope that you and the girlies can get all prettied up for Easter. When we were on 1 income, that was one thing that my MIL did for us every year was to buy the girls their Easter dresses because we just couldn't afford it. One year - they saw dresses at Dollar General and begged and begged for me to buy them for Easter. I did and laughed - they were so happy in those 4 dollar dresses. Then I got hats at Dollar Tree for a buck apiece - they looked adorable! LOL. God bless them - they just didn't care how much it cost. They were happy with the smallest little things.

I can feel your husband's pain about the joke. It's gotten to the point that you just have to be careful about everything you say at work anymore. Was the guy who was offended a gay guy? I'm not sure why anyone would be offended by that unless they were gay maybe.

Thanks for the update on what's going on with you. I am SO, SO, SOSOSOSOSO looking forward to getting back to homeschooling!

Gardenia said...

So you are working in a hospital? I have been so irregular I may have missed something - I think the long winter is making people feel tired - its better here since Daylight Savings Time switched over, although I found myself taking a nap at 5 pm yesterday - oh come on, summer!

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia no not a hospital.. I wish though.. I have my own account for a place called CA Lawton. Its a metal foundry here in green bay wi..

tshsmom said...

Will they give you another account sometime soon?

tweetey30 said...

tshsmom he will when he gets another account that will co work with the one I have.. Only when. I am happy with what i have for now.. but it would be nice to have antoher account to work with more money too..