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Thursday, March 18, 2010

dont know what to call this one....

I know I show all my pretty stuff I make here. I have shown my afghans I have made for my family... Well you know what I am done making things for my family.. I have made plenty a blankets and I dont get thank yous.. The only person I know that uses her blanket and often is my MIL..

I made my younger BIL and his wife an afghan for there first child and she put the damned thing under there guinea pig cage.. She never used the afghan for the baby.. She claimed it was to big for the baby.. Well you know what she could have used it for baby to play on or kept it for when baby got bigger...

Then with my youngest BILS wife asked me to make J a blanket.. I made one in the Packer Colors.. I used green yellow and White. Well she just loved the blanket and I am not sure if he did or not.. Well anyway they left WI in a hurry because of something going on in the family.. She didnt even bother to ask me to take it when they left or to go get it when they left.. She just left it..

Then I made a blanket for my older BIL and his wife when they had there daughter a year ago in April. she isnt quite a year yet.. But I got a thank you like 3 months after I sent the blanket and was told that my BIL uses it when baby takes her naps but I dont see pix of her using it.. I see pix of all other blankets...

Then I made an afghan for that pastors daughter that we had so much trouble with in the last four years.. Well she just had baby.. She has take literally hundreds of photo's of baby and I dont see my afghan being used. I didnt even recieve a thank you from her for it.. I trusted her mother to give it to her but something tells me that her mother didnt give it to her..

I spend my time giving out my hard work I could have made money on and I am sick and tired of doing it.. No more unless you request it.. I quit just wasting my time on things when I could be making money. NO MORE GIFTS... I give up.. I hate feeling like I have wasted my time on making things that no one seems to either like or want from me..

You know someone that is having a baby and need a blanket ask and I will make a great deal for you.. But I am not making any more for my Family.. I love what I do and I love sharing what I do. But I am not making any more things that will not be used for my family or my friends.. You peeps are more than welcome to buy off my Etsy site on my side bar.. Keep track of whats coming in and going out. If somethin you like sells let me know. I cant remake it.. Hopefully..LOL...

Kora has horse riding lessons starting on Tuesday.. I will have more pix but we took her out on Tuesday to get her to see the horses and talk to the lady that will be doing her lessons and Kora fell in love.. she was feeding the pony that will be hers while taking lessons.. I dont remember the pony's name but here are some pix of her. I have some video's up on my facebook page for those of you that have facebook. I cant get my vids to load on Blogger for some dang reason.. If you want or need my FB page and arent friends yet let me know via e-mail.. I will send you my full name that I use for those that dont know my maiden name..

Anyway here are the pix..

This black horse coming up was nibbling on my hair. He thought I was Hay... and then I moved up slightly and he nibbled on my t-shirt like hey you moved away from me..

That is it for now. I will upload that video of the horse jumper doing jumps for Kora here in a few minutes. I didnt get to it yesterday.. But I will do it here in a few minutes.. But other wise we are good. We are canceling the YMCA membership for now. We arent using it with my work schedul and Jeff's schedule.. We just dont have time to meet up and play Raquetball. At least we have our raquets for if we ever want to go at it again sometime in the future.. I wish I could make loads of money with my afghans and such where I dont have to work again outside of the home but I know that is just a dream..

I am a dreamer and I love knowing I love doing what I do but I just wish family members loved my stuff and friends as much as I did making these items.. I will have that video up in a few minutes.. Come take a look and comment there... Talk soon..


Jeannie said...

It's a shame about your work being unappreciated - I know how it is. Many people just don't understand the skill and time involved, never mind the cost. They think YOU are being cheap by not buying something already made at the store. I think you are wise not to bother with such gifts any more. Really, they are best given to those who admire them.

They also don't realize how long crocheted afghans last - I still use the first one I made almost 30 years ago. I used and saved the little baby afghans my sister made for my twins - I would NEVER get rid of them.

Grizzly Mama said...

I have an afghan that my great Aunt made many, many years ago. I sleep with it every night over my feet. I also have all of the baby blankets that were given to me for the girls. They used them for forever. A couple little ones they used for their favorite dolls for years.

I cannot IMAGINE using one of those gifts underneath a bird cage. That is just NASTY and insulting, and I would have very little to do with that person.

The horse looks very sweet. Horses scare the crap out of