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Friday, April 02, 2010

Third Day Alone

Hi there. My third day alone.. Well not totally alone because Jeff is coming home and the cat is here but still alone from the girls. They called Daddy the other night and I didnt get to talk to them because I was at work.. I miss them terribly but we are going back to get them tomorrow..

I have there new outfits packed up for Sunday but its suppose to rain. I am going to let them wear them anyway because we will be in the house most of the day anyway.. but I wanted new outfits for Easter. They may be short outfits but they are outfits.. Both girls arent to much into dresses and Kora wont sit like a little lady when she wears one so I usually make her wear shorts under her sundresses anyway..

I broke down and cried today.. I miss them but only one more day.. One more day.. I think I am doing loads better than last time where I cried the whole four days they were gone.. They arent going to be happy with me when they come home though.. They have lost all of there toys or most of them. I got sick and tired of telling them to pick up the toys so on Wednesday I took a box and started putting toys I knew they werent playing with in the box and ended putting 90% of there toys in donation.. I kept the collector items like the Cabbage patch kids and the carebears and a few smaller items but everythign else went.

They had these figurines from McD's they liked to play with and all they did was fight over them. so those went into the donation box also.. I may seem an awful mom right now but all they were doing is fighting over toys.. I needed to get them where they can use there minds.. They have other toys that help with that.. I will have loads of pix to show you all Monday or Tuesday..

My younger brother Dennis and his girlfriend are coming to see us at my dads house tomorrow afternoon and my half sister.. Yayy... I am so excited.. I havent seen my brother since I was 19.. I saw my sister when her son was like 3 months old.. So we will drive back out there tomorrow and pick the girls up from his mothers house and stay the night by my dad and then go back to his mothers house on Sunday.. I am so excited to be getting out.. I know we really cant afford it but we need a break for Easter.. It was the only way to see everyone in one weekend..

I am looking forward to our trip on April 24th also.. We are going to go see his brother and SIL and niece we havent seen yet. She is turning a year old.. I cant believe she is that old already.. Yikess. Where has time went.. But I suppose i have to get partially ready for work tonight and then go to work after Jeff comes home. I cant leave before then. He has my keys to the building I am cleaing. He took the Van to work with him this morning.. LOL..

Ok Ok Ok I am going. Happy Easter Everyone...


Jeannie said...

Have a great trip! I was always so glad to get away from my kids - I was with them 24/7 - I never ever cried - it was such a relief.

Grizzly Mama said...

I'll bet that they don't even notice most of the toys gone. I had to do that with mine - get rid of stuff while they were gone because if I tried to give something away that they hadn't even looked at in over a year all of the sudden it's their fave toy. Getting rid of it while they're not there they didn't even notice it.

It sounds like you will have a wonderful Easter. Enjoy and God bless! Have a great time.

Candy Minx said...

Wow must be very unusual for you to be on your own all weekend. but fun when they get back. sometimes its good for everyone to have a change though.

I agree w/Grizzly Bear that I bet the girls won't even notice most of their toys gone.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Happy Easter! I know you'll be so happy when you get your little girls back. Have a wonderful day.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hi sweetie, oh you tug at this mamma's heart too. Know they are having fun and missing mom too!

Hope you had fun with your family, sounds like a great day!!