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Saturday, April 10, 2010

what my girls are up to..!!!

Here is what my girls are up to and selling on my Etsy site. If you would like some let me know and I will e-mail my address to you adn you can ship them some cash... They are making beaded key chains for me to sell on my Etsy site. They sold two yesterday for 3.50.. That was a dollar a piece for the keychains and 1.50 for shipping and that turned out really nice because they only spent 1.39 on shipping today..

They love doing crafts..Kora is learning how to crochet some what. But she left my hook she had at Grandma's house when we were there. It wasnt in the duffel bag when we came home.. OOPS..Oh well. We can get it when we go back.. I just told her that she has to be careful when she packs her things back up when they leave places.. She left her brush at Grandma's house also..LOL.. Kids.. At least she remembered all of her clothes..

We are looking at going to Jeff's brothers house tomorrow. I made enough on Etsy this last project to take us out there for the day.. That paid for Gas so we have a little extra money with me selling things unlike when i wasnt selling things. I made an unexpected sale Thursday. I sold my 7 scrunchies I had in my shop for the longest time. I have eight more sitting there waiting for new homes.. these are going to 6.00dollars plus 3.00 dollars for shipping i believe. i will have to look again. I dont remember.. They are like .75 cents a piece..

Book markers are going to.. I believe they are 5.00 dollars a piece and I dont remember the shipping on them. I will have to look..

Then I am working on some place mats. They are green and white mixed. My MIL gave me some yarn that is to thin to work alone so I am mixing them.. I think it looks cool the way they are coming out.. I will post them when I get done with them. I have a lady on Etsy that is interested in them just from me descsribing them to her.. So I dont know if they will sell or not right away but hoping they will.

The girls are outside playing. Its beautiful today. Its 60 some degrees F out today and its beautiful.. I am glad they are getting some air.. They want to go to the park but I think its to wet after the snow we had and the rain.. So the park is out today. Esp if we are going on a road trip tomorrow.. I will take pix and post them if we get to see our niece. She is suppose to go with her mommy to her grandma's house.. so I dont know whats up.. But Jeff wants his big brother to teach him how to shoot a gun tomorrow or at least the basics.. So I will bring my crocheting and let the girls run wild in the back yard while the guys are out in the woods.. We will be back late tomorrow night.. So I hope eveyone has a great weekend. And I will post new photo's on Monday or Tuesday.. When ever I get a free moment from my family..


Jeannie said...

Glad your girls are getting into crafts. I could never get mine to do anything - she was just never inclined that way. I really should start an afghan or something with all the yarn I've got. I found another drawer full the other day. Or maybe just send it all to you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I think that is great about the girls making these lovely things and then selling them...Really Terrific! And I'm happy for you seling those "crunchies"(?)....And I hope you have a wonderful time on Sunday....!

MaddyAnne said...

They're doing a wonderful job! :)

Tamara said...

Wow! How neat-o....Just makes me miss my 2 girls at those ages....too bad the internet wasn't really heard of back we could have made a buck or 2.I bet the girls' were just ecstatic when they sold them.With me looking for a job I'm sorta on a tight budget these days or I would sure put my order in.Tell them I said so...K?
Your such a good Mom encouraging them to do all these artsy-craftsy things,like crocheting & things....I could never catch on to crocheting or knitting with those long needle thingy's....I tried & tried....well,I guess I could have made more of an effort...LOL
Hey,I just gotta ask this....isn't your job and your hubby's job in competition w/ each other?hahaha

tweetey30 said...

Tam, My hubbys real job is workign for a tire company and that is why he needs permission to drop my cards off... but so yes is the answer.. more than likely it wont be a problem as long as Jeff doesnt have to take big order to work with him..

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh wow my dear it all looks wonderful and so much fun! Glad you had a little extra $ too. Super cute scrunchies!