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Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow am I behind in Posting..

Hi there my friends... How are you all. I has been almost a week and no new post from me. You are all wondering if she dissapeared or something... Doing a magic trick with dissapearing for so long.. Life is taking its spring toll on us. We want to be outside and playing and its hard to get there attention for school work but its getting done.. Jeff is still working four days and his half Saturdays.. They are talking about 5 nine hour days here soon but I know his hours wont stay at nine hours a day.. They are also talking about splitting up his run a bit. He's not happy with that one.. but hey what can you do.. He's been with the company for 10 years in November and they are just talking about this now..

Last week we went for two Hikes. We went out on Sunday and Monday and took Tuesday easy.. Jeff took last Monday off for his b-day as I had mentioned and we went for a hike and walked for our usual 3.5 miles and then we came around this bend because we did the trail backwards and saw loads of turtles.. Here are the photo's of those.They are so cool to look at. The girls made so much noise they all scattered but we hunkered down for about ten minutes and they all came back to the log we were sitting near.

Also not sure if i mentioned we have a lady from the church we were going to coming over and helping us. She is fixing the around the house outside. She knows what is a plant and what is a weed so she said she would come over and fix it.. Well she wasnt she wasnt here yesterday and she sure as hell didnt call to see if we were going to be around.. But you know what I dont give a damn anymore.Sht got so bossy last week on how to raise my girls I was ready to send her home anyway. Jeff and I found ways not to be here while they were here. LOL. They are goody two shoe church goers so we left our front door open for them and went out..

I have another hat and scarf coming up. I have four place mats coming up soon too. I want to finish my hat and scarf set before posting any more pix of them.. They turned out really cute. I am just hoping they sell..

We are planning a b-day party at our local Amusement park for Bri June 5th. Her b-day is June 2nd but we are having some family come our way hopefully and they need time to get time off and I want it on a Saturday where Jeff can be there too.. If nothing else he can meet us there when he's done working. I am looking at the CareBear scheme. Bri loves CareBears and I have ordered her a banner off Etsy in the CareBear theme where the family knows which Pavillion we are in..We have to rent it for the day and its going to cost us about a hundred dollars but its nice to know its ours for the day where we have toilets and dont have to wait... And I want to find some one who can make Bri a Care Bear shaped cake for her b-day.. I know if I go into our local grocery stores they will tell me they can make a square cake with with the Care Bear sprayed on the cake but I want a CareBear shaped cake..

We havent had his family together since Bri was 13 months old at his sisters house. That is when his youngest brothers wife made an unexpected appearance and then they both left right after wards again. She thinks the family hates her and I wonder why with her attitude. I was on FB about two weeks ago and she has said she wants to move back to WI.. She has asked many times to look for jobs and homes for them but Jay refuses to move back here but just recently he got transferred out to West Viginia and I was teasing her for moving out there and not back here and she got pissed off at me.

Well you know what Fuck em both because if you cant take a little teasing then dont contact me.. That is what I told her and she started a fight and I just took her off my FB page and I refused to to talk to her. I have taken her off my Yahoo Messanger list also.. I dont want anything to do with her. If Jay ever decides he wants to talk to his big brother that is fine. But I want nothing to do with her.. She says she is all hot on family but she doesnt want to take a little teasing from us.. So just stay out of my way then..

She has the guts to call me a 3 year old. Who is the one that responded to my message in the first place being a 3 year old..LOL. OK OK. I am not helping matters here at all.

We are trying to get in contact with Jeffs sister and family but I highly doubt she will come to Bri's party. She wants nothing to do with the family for some reason or other and I give up..My girls ask about there aunt all the time. but what do you tell them.. We will see what we can do..

Can you believe Jeff and I are celebrating 14 years June 2nd also.. 10 years of being together and 4 years married already.. Wow... Amazing.. I am glad we waited to get married or else we would have been in the minority that get divorced.. Not sure if that is the right word but i am using it..

We played two games off Chess last night and I gave him a fight. I expected him to kick my Ass right away but I gave it my all. I lost both games but I did my best. I went into the end game and held my own.. The only thing he would say was good move or I would shock him with a really good move he didnt see. I havent played Chess in ages so he was really suprised..

Ok I am off to do somethings. The girls want to go to the park but I think we might wait until tomorrow because then Jeff will be home and I can have all day today to finish the laundry I started last week..


Jeannie said...

There's nothing touchier than family. Sometimes it's best to just bite your tongue. It's great you all get out on so many hikes. It's good for you but even better, it's nice family time. My husband NEVER walks. The kids and I did quite a lot when they were young.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

UGH I can't stand people like that, they drive me nuts. Worry about yourself not others is what I tell them!

Love you guys had some game nights! Sounds like a fun time you've been having!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I have never seen so many Turtles in one place...Ever! Quite Amazing!

Candy Minx said...

I just love seeing your photos Tweetey you have a good eye and I like seeing what you see.

I've been behind on posting and blogging too...just busy but hopefully catching up now...

Cheers! I miss you too. We've got to try a road trip soon...I hope to buy a car soon too and we can come out and see you!