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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strange Ass Phone Calls...

Here are some strange ass phone calls I have receieved lately.. Well lets start with this. We got me a cell phone a while back and then for some reason we couldnt pay the monthly bill. Its a prepaid cell phone with unlimited long distance and local calling ok for 46.90 a month. Not bad really.. Anyway we took the girls to Jeff's mothers house the Tuesday before Easter and then picked them up Saturday before Easter you all know that much..

But when we left his mothers house and got back into range for my phone to ring I had this strange assed message on my voice mail ok..

Hi Nicole. this doesnt sound like you but I am worried about the baby. Give me a call. and I am sitting in the car thinking what baby?? I dont have a baby and I didnt recognize the voice either and no phone number came up..

Well 3 weeks later I get a phone call and I dont recognize the phone number so I dont answer the phone.. I got my cell phone back because that is what is on my business cards. I need my phone. So I let the phone ring and let my voice mail pick up the call. This same lady leaves a message saying Nicole call me before you got to Heidi's house. I dont know but it feels weird ok..

I changed my voice mail slightly and hopefully that if she doesnt get an answer from who she is trying to get and with my voice mail changed she will get the picture why her phone calls havent been answered lately..

Jeff and I have went on a slight diet change. I have cut all soda out of my diet for the time being and I have been drinking more coffee, kool aide and trying more water. i cant stand just plain water so I like the kool aid.. We have dropped the chips for the most part and bought more fruit this last month.. It has made a difference in how I feel to be honest. I am not used to having less caffeine in my system yet from all the soda and the sugar and such.. But at least with coffee and kool aid there isnt alot of sodium and such from what I read on the back of the packaging for kool aid yesterday..

I have been inspired by Wondering Coyote to repost pix of my house. Inside since I have a way better camer to do so now.. I want to show you my walls. i dont want to repaint but i love my coloring of my house. I need to paint some area's though.. We had the bathroom fixed about 3 years ago and never primed over the place the guy fixed. Its starting to crack and I am not happy with my hubby on that one. He is arguing with me that it will be ok. No it will not. Esp when that part of the ceiling falls in on us while either in the shower or on the toilet.. LOL.. OK not funny but the picture of him in there in the bathroom doing his thing and then having the ceiling falling because it became weak..

I am weird I am sorry.. But its who I am..Its suppose to be really nice here today and I am going to go out and weed today. We were suppose to have help but the lady from the church who said she would help hasnt even contacted us to say why she hasnt come back.. Her and her husband lost one of there vechiles but she still could come over on weekends.. Come on.I hate when people say they will help and then they dont show up.. Jeff offered her some money to help us.. She has been doing this for 30 years and knows what a weed is what a flower is so she was suppose to come over and help us get the yard ready to plant new flowers and such..

But she went on vacation the week before last and came over two weeks ago Tuesday and then it rained this last weekend. But there was no call saying she wanted to come back anytime soon.. I made a snide remark on FB about her and I think the Pastors wife might have told her what i said. Well this lady was telling me how to do my mothering I have mentioned before. Well dont deal with me by ignoring me.. Call me and deal with me like an adult please..

I am going to finish one more item for my etsy page and then I am done until I sell som more of my items.. I cant afford my fee's right now.. I have 67 items that need new homes and need money right now. I am not asking you peeps for money but to pass along my etsy site.. Post it on your blogs when you do new posts and get the word out there for me please and other etsy members..

OK OK I am going for now. I have made rounds for today. I will be back in a bit.. Happy Thursday..


Gardenia said...

Very odd calls! But that is cell phone specialities - weird calls. Especially if we are weird too. That doubles and triples our chances, ya know.

The Zombieslayer said...

I'm guessing here, but I'm guessing that she got your name from a phonebook and it's the wrong Nicole. I know that there are a lot of people with my same name out there. It's a more common name than I realized. Maybe there are several people with your name.

Beej said...

I once got a wrong number from a girls group home in Florida. This teen girl was crying for her mama and I had to tell the social worker it was the wrong number. Broke my heart..

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Maybe it is a coincidence that you got those wrong phone calls---Sometimes that happens and maybe with you changing your message she will know she has the wrong Nicole.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Very weird calls, hope that she figures it out.

Have you tried Crystal Light or the store brand version is great too. I love the Walmart versions since they have tons of flavors and no sugar so my Jenny Craig lady told me years ago you could replace half your water with it. I take it to the gym with me and it taste so great. The grape flavor is just like Kool-aid minus the sugar :)