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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Speaks for itself...

Hey all. I took these Friday morning when I came home from work.. Jeff was just leaving and I couldnt leave it alone.. I had to take these before putting my sore and restless body to bed.. Enjoy...

The sky was a pinkish color this morning also.. It was just windy and just horrible on the highway on my ten minute jaunt across High way 172 this monrning. I was all over the road. I wasnt the only one though. I wouldnt go my normal speed with it being that windy. I usually go the speed limit but went like ten under today just to make it over the bridge. I hate when its windy and I could have went through town but that takes longer to get home and jeff has to leave when I get home so I didnt want to take more of his time.

Ok going to go start dinner now. Take care peeps and I will make rounds in the next few days or so when I have more time. I have more time on weekends now than during the day of the week.. So have a wonderful Hump Day tomorrow.. My week is offically half over working 3rd shift.. Two more nights and then two days and most of


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Beautiful pix! I love the early color in the morning sky when the trees still look black.

Tamara said...

Awesome pix Tweetey!
Hey,just wondering.When u mentioned ur job,are u referring 2 the one u were hoping for some time back?( August,that is) that the one u mentioned on my blog?
So sorry I havent been peepin' in on ya.After blogging 9 years,I cant say I got burnt out...I just found a quicker,funner way 2 pop in & out.Facebook stole
I work sooo much now(PTL!)...and when I get on blogs I get entranced & can't read yours without reading DAYS back 2 see what I I could make a whole DAY of being nosey!lol
Come to Facebook...even just to add yourself so I can keep an eyeball on ya!hahaha
Huggggs!!Missed you & the family updates!
I think this is the link:!/tamra747

Gardenia said...

Beautiful! Love the pinks.