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Saturday, September 25, 2010

here but not here..

hey all. i have been busy again this week. trying to get some sleep and work done around the house. i have visited today and made rounds.. Everyone has such lovely stories to tell today.. thanks for sharing them.. Its another school year come into our lives. We are working hard as we can. Bris liking her Dick and Jane book we found. I got it for 10.00 dollars at Barnes and Noble. good price for that book.

Anyway working life and school work is taking my life away from me lately. I am working a green, black and red afghan. Its in a granny square pattern. I am using the red as a edging and then putting most of the afghan in green and then the Z is in black. Its not for anyone particular just one of those I wanted to see i could do it. Jeff and I sat down and worked it out on graph paper and I am working my rows from there. Its looking real nice.I am only four rows into it and its real nice so far. I work on it when I have time..

the job is doing what they did last year around this. they are starting there shit with saying we dont need you on this night and then calling the following night.. Its hard to stay on a 3rd shift schedule when they pull this shit on you. but I am dealing with it. Doing what I have to do during the day and the evenings when I have time.. the girls have been helping alot too.. they are growing up way to fast for my likings.

I want to get them each a dress at Wal mart sometime and take photo's with my camera to make school pix of them this year.. I have the perfect spot to do them but money is always in the way. I am hoping in the next few weeks with one of my checks we can afford to get them each one of the dresses I want and then go and take the photo's. I wont be able to make the pix till next month but at least I will have there dresses.

They have been really good for me lately. some days are better than others but arent all kids that way.. I am ready for a nap. I have been up since 6:45 AM this morning. I went to bed at 10:30 last night and couldnt sleep after Jeff left this morning.. I want a nap and then stay up later tonight to sleep in tomorrow for tomorrow nights work..I might take a nap after my late lunch.

We are having Chili tonight and Taco's tomorrow.. I had to buy the damned Taco kit today because Wally World didnt have just the damned soft taco shell. I was probably not looking in the right area and didnt feel like asking for help.. Anyway I am off to finish my noodles for my lunch and then a short nap.. take care my friends.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It swounds like they have got you on the ropes there at work. Hang in there, my dear.

Jeannie said...

Life is always about balancing what you have to do with what you want to do. It's hard.

Candy Minx said...

Yep, I can see those balls juggling from way over here!

Gee, your dinner for tonight sounds yummy. I hope you get to put your feet up too!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Post pix of your afghan, the colors sound interesting. I don't know what that pattern looks like.