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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


hi all. i have been busy since i last posted this.. I dont even remember posting last.. I just know its there..My wrist is feeling loads better now. Thanks for all the well wishes on that.. I need my hands for work and home for that matter. I have finished a blanket but will have it up and about in the next few days. still have the edging to finish.. so its not complete yet but very close.. i have photo's up the ass for you all but its late and I want to go to bed. I dont know when I will be posting again. i started the second job yesterday. Its not that hard that I can tell of yet. Its just putting toppings on pizza's and taking orders.. so I have loads going on here.

Life has just gotten a bit busier with me working about 50-60 hours a week my self. I am looking forward to it.. But for now i am off to bed even though I slept for like eight hours before I left for the full time job but got sent home because of course there wasnt enough work to keep me there till 6.. I hate this part of the temp job.. buts a job and its only parttime when they want it to be.. I am sick of it. I wish when they had us go out there it was for the whole eight hours.. I dont see how a job can do that to you. A temp job or not.. Oh well its helping.. Every little bit is helping. So I cant bitch to much.. As much as I would love to.. OK here are a few teaser pix of the girls.. N...

No she is not drowning. she was showing me she can swim under water with out her tube and stuff..

Mid air jumps off the side of the pool... Ok I am off to bed now.. Take care and sleep well everyone


Jeannie said...

Yes, they can send you home if there isn't enough work - here they have to pay for 3 hours minimum if you show up for work but it turns out they don't need you that long. But it's all good if you are getting extra money you wouldn't have without the job right?

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Did I miss the discussion about your hand being injured or am I having a memory lapse?

tweetey30 said...

Jeannie it just sucks because she promised 40 hours for the next three weeks and now she is doing this..

VV I dont know what I did to my wrist last week but it hurt like the dickens..I couldnt bend it to crochet or anything really..

Candy Minx said...

Fantastic! i am so so happy to hear you sounding like your ol self. Oh I know it sucks to work so many hours but i also know how good you'll feel with a few bucks kicking around.

Aren't the girls fantastic swimmers. I think kids swimming is just such a joy!

hugs and love


S.M. Elliott said...

The girls really enjoy the water, don't they? They're like mermaids. ;D

I hope the pizza job pans out for you (no pun). 50-60 hours is a lot! I don't know how you manage that and two young ones and a house, I'd be so exhausted. Hang in there.