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Friday, June 18, 2010

I Almost Had a Heart Attack Last Night...

I cant even begin to explain what happened. I went to work and did my job and on the way home i was coming down one of the country roads that I have figured is actually five minutes faster to get home. Well I saw something to the Left of me but wasnt sure what it was until it ran out in front of me. I had to lock up the breaks and nearly missed hitting two DEER!!!! I hate hunters that kill deer for meat. I wouldnt make it in a world where we had to kill deer for food.. I had a panic attack and had to call Jeff and have him talk me through it until I was calm enough to drive again.

I hate driving at night for one thing and this didnt help me like driving at night. they were beautiful animals.. I cant believe I saw two of them. But I think when they travel they travel in two's like that.

Anyway that is what happened and now on to the job.. It only takes me 3 hours to complete the whole shabang. That is with no desks being cluttered with junk and such. It gives a test on how well I really know my job though.. LOL!!!

I start the new one day account tonight..i was told that the pay is lower out there because the job isnt that hard but instead of lowering the pay from job to job he is going to leave it at 8.50 an hour. He said he's going to leave it that way because he likes what I am doing.. I was also told he barely has to go out to the first job site when I was there 5 days a week because he couldnt find anything wrong with the job to check..LOL.. GO ME!!!

We went to Walmart last night and got Jeff a new lunch box and went to the make up section because Kora wanted to see what she liked for nail polish. She chose this really neat glittery pink stuff. Its called Pure Ice Spit Fire.. I picked up some more clear while we were in the aisle.

Snowie has her shots today.. Poor Kitty... I hate when any one has to get shots. I hate them even to this day and age. They hurt not long but they still hurt.Like Jeff and I were talking its not bad for the vet once a year. She is acutally quite low maintence comapared to some animals.. I have a friend on Etsy and she adopted a dog with cancer and she is dishing more money on the dog but she loves the dog.. I dont blame her.. I would do the same for Snowie if it came down to it.

Is it just my cat or do all cats purrrr and dont stop when they are happy.. Snowie tends to be a purrer.. She sleeps by my butt after Jeff leaves and then she just purrs.. She vibrates the bed. Or when she's sleeping you can hear her across the room.. Boy does she love purring.. She is on the desk right now watching me but not purring but with me..

I have 15 scrunchies made for a fellow blogger I am helping out for a Farmers Market in Sept. Waiting for my other five balls of thread to show up where I have enough thread.. I bought two balls of Mexicana, one black,chambray,shaded blues. I thought there was one more.. there might be one more..

The girls went swimming yesterday in the pool. would love to let them go today too but we are suppose to have real bad storms later this afternoon and putting the top back on the pool is a bitch by myself. The girls arent tall enough to help me yet..

We had some guy here last night trying to sell us life insurance and Jeff is thinking about it.. But we told him we have to wait and see where my job is taking me. We are living paycheck to paycheck and its hard.. Esp with my medical bills yet from my foot.. Sure we have insurance but it only covers 80% and that 20% is what we are struggling with to pay. but it will get paid.. Just dont know when..

I have a friend on Etsy she used to make candles but she is an artist first. She made these really neat candles that she sold to me. They are chocolate Smores. They have one or two real marshmallows in them and boy do they smell like chocolate when they burn.. they smell so good you almost want to eat them.

Ok I have to run. I have babbled enough here for now.. Take care and I will make rounds in a bit..

UP Date on work..I just talked to the Boss. It takes me 3 hours to do the one job I mentioned earlier and he has a bank account for me one day a week and now he has one more account 2 days a week 3-4 hours a night.. Its at a dentist office.. So I am back to almost 15 hours a week. go me... I am so excited...


Jeannie said...

So glad about your work going so well - I bet you feel so much better being appreciated compared with McD's huh? Their loss.

My brother hit a deer once - totaled the car and killed the deer. He was extremely shook up about it.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

yeah on the hours!!! Way to go girl!

Oh hun I would freak too about the deers, you take care sweetie!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

So glad tp read your UPDATE...Congratulations!!! That is wonderful!

THat would just destroy me if I hit a Deer--in fact, hitting any animal is just horrific...!

Gardenia said...

Sounds like a lot going on. Hooray - sounds like you have a good job now!

Our cats don't purr near that much! Yours must be very happy.

The deer- living in Wyoming we had a lot of deer in the road - always scary. One ran into the side of my car once, (in town, I was at stop sign, stopped thank goodness) knocked itself out, and I got out and was going to take it to vet and it came to, struggling and kicking!)

Out there we did eat them - but I couldn't have killed one - usually the meat was a gift or trade for "H"'s meatcutting. A way of life in the West.

The girls sound as if they are thriving and growing up!