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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Pissed off MAMA

I am not mad at the kids.. Or Jeff for that matter. I am pissed off at my VAN... We bought it from a friend of Jeff's on his run at work. And we saw it was leaking oil like I said before in one of my posts.. Well now it has a gas leak and we can fix that cheaply by putting a piece of black something and pinching it off. But there are other things going wrong.

I took it to the PO today to mail an order I had gotten off my etsy site and I got to the PO ok but coming home she almost died on me. I went to turn a corner and she almost stalled on me. I said come on girl get us home and it stayed running but I am scared shitless to take it out again after today.. A friend of ours who works on cars lives twenty miles out and you cant drive the van over 45 miles an hour with out it shuddering..

It needs new tires. I am not happy one bit. I like my van but I wish the guy we bought it from was a little more honest.. He has went out of business and Jeff and I have lost his phone number.. I am really PISSED OFF..!!!! Life hasnt been nice to us lately and I just need a vechile. I get orders once in a while and need to ship them out and I need the car or (A) Car.. I regret not getting one from one of the dealers we looked at but Jeff is right we would be screwed for money worse than we are now if we would have done that..

On the ohter hand we are basically back down to one car. I have been taking the Sebring to work since I dont trust the van.

i dont want to move again but I have found a beautiful house with a pool in the back yard. I wish I could find the link and show you the house.. Its beautiful. Its a two story house in a better neighborhood than where we are at..Its awsome. Maybe I will look and see if I can find the link and show you all. If I could afford the payments I would move one more time to get out of this crappy drug related neighborhood..

Bris getting excited about her b-day and I am getting excited to have a housefull of people even for one day.. I am excited to see my parents. We havent seen them since Sept when they came and helped us paint the house..

Ok Ok I am going where I can get lunch going.. Talk to you all later. I will make rounds here in a bit.. Have a wonderful week my friends..


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Sorry the van is giving you troubles. I've so been there. I actually had to walk a few miles with two kids to take one to the doctor, only to discover the doctor's office was closed by the time we got there. Then I had to walk all the way home carrying the sick child most of the way. Being without a vehicle sucks, but at least you have one and a hubby to help out. Remember, it could always be worse.

Jeannie said...

It's so hard when your stuff breaks down. I remember when the kids were little, my car was always breaking down - or Gary's would and he'd take mine so the kids and I had to walk everywhere or take the bus - and the bus system here sucks so bad that you end up walking anyway - takes just as long.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I hope you are able to get the Van fixed in an asy and timelt manner. I know it has to be hard with only one car.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh sweetie I'm so sorry to hear about the van that is just a pain in the butt! Rick did that once bought a car from a friend and a month after having it we had to do a $1000 worth of work and then of course a few months later another $1000 yup could have screamed.

Ohhh the other house sounds wonderful!

Yeah to the party and your parents visiting!

Gardenia said...

Oh, I am so sorry - there is not much worse than a vehicle that is not dependable - its just a constant worry! I truly pray things turn around for you guys - when we moved down here, it took about ten years to begin to climb out of crappy places to live, vehicles that wouldn't run, anything that could go wrong, did! Thank goodness, these are only spells in life - and they will end! At least I think they will - we moved here in a recession, it went away, now its back again worse than ever - hopefully we will pull out - someway other than having to live with oil covering our water systems.