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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

thing in my Life

here are some things going on in my life and such.. Pix I have take.. Before pix of the back yard and what still needs being done. Pix of Snowie and me... Just recent pix of Snowie and me.. Kora took it..

here are the photo's of the back yarnd and what i have left.. its rained lately so what ever is high now has been doubled.. yikes huh??Lots of work to do yet.. but cant work on it when its raining..Hopefully I can get out there in the next few days between raining and it being nice and finish it.. What we have done looks nice.

some new items in my etsy shop.. another hat/scarf set, doll hat and dress, and just a hat..

in another week or so I am going to go order Bris cake and then we have to grocery shop for the party. We dont need alot of food since I dont think alot of people are coming. but my parents, jeff's older and younger brother are coming I believe. And my parents. Maybe some of Jeff's co workers might stop by for a piece of cake. Not sure yet. I cant wait to see his older brothers little one. we havent seen her yet in person. I have seen pix of her.. I sent her a b-day present late last month.. She turned one already.. Yikes.. where is time going..

Bris going to be six already.. I am behind on alot of things in life and keeping my mind on how old my girls are is one of them.. I take life one day at a time and I love them both dearly until they start fighting over whose got what toy and then throwing toys at each other.. Ok Ok I am going. My hands hurt today from to much crocheting the last few day. I am going to go and read for a bit I think..

Have a wondeful Wednesday night and I might have some outdoor pix for you next week if its nice out this weekend.. Take care..


Jeannie said...

Looks like you've done more work on your yard than I have on mine. The rain and cold and other work always seem to get in the way.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Sounds like your plate is full. Our yard work is overwhelming. Luckily I have a teenage son looking to earn money for prom. He painted the garage last weekend. This weekend I'm going to have him do yard work and clean out the garage. Oh, and have a great birthday party!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girlie looks like you'll be busy if the weekend is nice. At least your grass looks nice and green :)

The new collections you did were beautiful as always. Love the hat on her!

Have a great weekend my dear :)