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Monday, June 23, 2008

Front Yard..

Here is our front yard. I would love to dig all this out and start over. It shouldnt cost me but a few dollars to do so but money is tight as you all know. If any of you know how to dig this up easily let me know. There are weeds and a rose like bush at the one end by the driveway. I dug one up last spring but for some reason couldnt get this one up. Several different angles here.

UPDATE ON LIFE HERE.Its been better over the weekend to be honest with you. I snuck in and read the comments over the weekend but we have decided that if I dont get this job on Wednesday that I have my interview with that we are going to have to give something up. Jeff is trying to find a second job but the guy never called him back. He is a very busy man but when I suggest Jeff call him back he got all hyped up on me so I backed down and told him I realized what a bad idea it was. Some days he can be a pain in the ass but I do love him. I dont want to give up the house but if that is what it takes to get a head that is what we have to do I guess. We didnt buy these but we did rent them. We rented the first series of Hulk the tv show and The Water Horse over the weekend. Kora was curious about Hulk because she keeps seeing those tv commercials for the new Movie so we should her where they came from and they loved the Water Horse. I even enjoyed it. When Narnia 2 comes out I want to see that also. But anyway that is what is going on here. I dont want to get to excited about the job. So I wont give details until Wednesday afternoon late or Thursday morning when I do my rounds and do a post. Well made rounds already today and that. Oh Snowie went to the vet today for her first set of shots. I know I know they should have been done a month ago but we kept forgetting about it... But she is healthy and we are going to get her spayed next month when I take her in for her last set of shots for the year. My fingers hurt. I had my nails taken off Saturday because I broke one earlier last week and boy are they bothering. My real nails are so thin right now. I dont know if they are suppose to be but they are just bothering me. I have one that is cracked and it hurts. I have strenthener on them but boy is it taking a while to thicken them back up. But anyway enough of that.

Sorry there havent been any photo's of our walking and such lately. We havent went far because Jeff has been working every Saturday lately. He hasnt felt like doing anything after coming home so no walks lately but we are trying to get out during the week a little. No major hiking but around the block and stuff at least. Well talk later and have a wonderful day my friends.

UPDATE NUMBER 2...Ok Jeff and I should have our stimulus check by the 27th of June Ok.. But if its coming from the damned government why do we have to pay taxes on it??? I would think they are trying to make money for businesses not us..... Anyone have an answer for me????? thank you....


Gayle said...

Okay, this is getting totally ridiculous, LOL! My first comment had too many typos, so I deleted it. My second comment published twice so I deleted it too. I'm going to try one more time to comment and if I don't get it right this time I'm going to give it up! Here is more or less what I have been trying to say:

Sorry, Tweety, but the only easy way to get the weeds and the bush out of your yard is to hire someone else to do it for you, and seeing as that's not an option right now, I know you'll have to do it yourself. I recommend that you flood it out really well so that the ground is soft before you begin digging. That should help somewhat. As for the rosebush, If I were doing it I would tie a rope around the base of it, tie the other end around the back bumper of my pickup truck, and pull it out that way.

I like watching kid's movies sometimes and we just got the Water Horse from NetFlix today so I haven't watched it yet.

I can't identify with nail problems, Tweety. I have to dig in the dirt and can't wear gloves while potting plants because the stems are delicate and with gloves on I'm prone to breaking them (the plants, not my nails.) I keep my nails very short because that.

I pray that you won't have to lose the house and that something will turn up soon to help out with your financial situation.

Jeannie said...

Like gayle said - water well and just dig in. If you know anyone with perennials, you could ask them if you could have any bits they are dividing off so you could have free plants that come back next year.

Wishing you luck on the interview.

I used to get the acrylic nails, but like you, my own nails got scary thin. A couple of the nails always popped off so the nails were even thinner so I quit. My nails are very weak and prone to breaking over nothing.

Grizzly Mama said...

Sculptured nails do that to your natural nail. They will be thin until they've had a chance to grow out. It's why I stopped getting them years ago (not to mention I just couldn't afford it anymore...) Now I request nail salon gift certificates from people when they ask what I want for my birthday or Christmas. I just get a regular manicure and pedicure - no fake nails.

I've had to do all the digging out of bushes and weeds myself - with Pat's help. It's a lot of work and I can't add to the suggestions that you've gotten.

Our stimulus check wasn't taxed. We got a really strange amount, but that had to do with our income and how much we paid in taxes on our return. Hope it gets there soon, you could sure use it.

Take care, Tweetey.

Gardenia said...

Egad, I didn't realize we had to pay taxes on our tax stimulous check - well, nothing is free is it? Anyway this will give you some temporary relief.

I am hoping that everything will go well with the house, I know it is a struggle to hold on to it - selling is only a last resort - there is no other way, even in our broken economy to make money at such a good rate - our value increased $70,000 in the eight years we've been in it. So it is a shame to have to sell - but it is at least a safety net.

Good grass grows in a healthy yard - get some Scott's Weed and Feed and try that first for the grass. It should kill the weeds and make your grass healthier and it will spread. Remember when I came back here and they had neglected everything and half my yard was just gone? Well, water and weed & feed - it is lush and beautiful now. Even the parts that looked like a few sprigs and sand filled out. And trying to grow in sand is tricky, believe me.

A good ol' pitchfork type shovel would work for the beds. Loosens the dirt so you can yank out the old, plant the new. Again, fertilizer for the new, and mushroom compost and water. That should be the cheapest ways to do it. We hired someone one time and ended up finding out we do a much better job. I say WE, "H" doesn't do beautification without my bossy how to's.

Kitty looks to be thriving - she's a blessing, yes?

Well, hope you get good news about jobs - our economy is going nuts, there is no such thing as job security anymore - we just have to put our trust in God as our provider - just got notice that "H" will be terminated from Albertsons in September because they sold the stores. We are refusing to panic, and believing God for something better.

As a safeguard we are refinancing our home at a still lower interest rate, getting some cash back and paying every bill off including my car, and then buying a some short term CD's that are easily converted so we will have some leeway while he looks for work. That may be an option for you guys.

Take care, sweety, tweety.

tweetey30 said...

Gayle that happens sometimes. You are right we cant afford to hire someone to take those out.. The lady that lived here had flowers but now they are weeds.

Jeannie this was my first time getting fake nails so I wasnt sure what was going to happen to my real nails when I finally had the fake ones taken off but now I know. They looked nice but no more fake ones for me.

Grizzly Mama ours isnt going to be either but we got a letter in the mail yesterday saying that we have to turn this in when we file our taxes as earned income.

Gardenia thanks for the advice and I didnt think we did either until I got the letter in the mail yesterday.

The Griper said...

letter from whom, tweety? that stimulus refund will not be taxed.

tweetey30 said...

Griper we got a letter from the IRS saying our stimulus check has to be reported as income and we have to have to pay taxes on it at the end of the year.

Bridget Jones said...

Tweety, you already have a home and children--have you thought of running a daycare yourself? Bet that would work well.