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Thursday, June 19, 2008

ME ME Got it from Hammer...

I am : a mother of two girls and one cat and sometimes my husband...LOL..

I think : I need to stand up and so no more often than I have ever in my life befor...

I know : life is a bitch and the more I think of it I wish it werent so hard..

I want : More truth and less bullshit.

I have : made promises and not sure how to keep them.

I wish : I could go on one more vacation to my howe town to see people who care and dont tell lies about me...

I hate : people who cant tell the fricken truth no matter who gets hurt hearing it.

I miss : going to the beach anytime I want to but now we have a pool we are in the process of putting up.

I fear : being alone some day.

I feel : sad because of the flooding south of us because people have lost their homes and businesses.

I hear : that Obama isnt going to run on his own money. He just accepted public assistance according to the news.

I smell : clean. I just got out of the shower.

I crave : nothing at this minute.

I search : For finding out as much information as I can for certain things i either hear or want to know more about.

I wonder : Where I will be in ten years from now.

I regret : realizing some of my neighbors were angry at us for other neighbors lies..

I love : My family, crocheting and reading. I love books.

I ache : Whenever I do to much physical work besides laundry or the normal house work stuff.

I am not : I dont have a good one for this one.

I believe : life is like a chess game and it takes us each our own way and then checkmate.

I dance : to make myself happier about things and to enjoy the sway of my hips...

I sing : only when I know a song and make fun of several to get Jeff to laugh..
I cry : When I am fustrated or when chopping onions.

I don't always : Remember to send B-day Cards out. I am terrible.

I fight : to keep my family together each and every day..

I write : because I like seeing things on paper and figures that we have to pay and so forth.

I win : At not much. To be honest. We can play games and I dont win to often.

I lose : my purse in the house all the time. Or my keys. We keep the house keys on my chain.

I never : say never.

I always : Try to be polite

I confuse : lots of things esp people that I dont know to well..

I listen : To hard rock, country, 60,70,80's music.

I can usually be found : crocheting or reading a book outside when its nice out side and spending time with the girls..

I am scared : of losing my life and the people in my life sooner than neccessary.

I need : more money but that will come with constant looking.

I am happy : Most of the time

I imagine : life with out my family and its pretty dull to think like that. I am nothing without my family.


Gayle said...

Seems to me you have your head on pretty straight, Tweety... except for the house keys!

Suggestion... put a hook on the wall and always place them there whenever you return from somewhere. I can't tell you how many keys we lost until I finally got smart and built a rack with hooks to hold our keys. I also keep my purse on a hook on the back of the door in our bedroom. Problem solved. :)

Ortho said...

Hi Tweetey! This MeMe proves that you're an inspirational and beautiful person. You're awesome!

Courtney said...

Good answers. Like Gayle, I have a place to keep my keys. It's not a hook (a great idea), but as soon as I walk in the door, I have a pretty little dish on a table. I call it the catch all dish. Everything comes out of my pockets and in to the dish.

I say, unless your current neighbors are still being asses, not to worry about it. Laura moved, the neighbors were informed that she lied to them, and now you know what to look for if you think someone is trash-talkin' you. Be happy with your family and move on to better, brighter things. :)

Gardenia said...

Yes, Tweety - the most profound at the end..."I am nothing without my family." We would exist without family - but once knowing them, how could we? How rich are we compared to others - very rich! Beautiful post.

Jeannie said...

I bet if any of this answered this one once a month, many of the answers would be different each time.

VV said...

Wow. I agree with Gayle. You have your head on pretty straight. You're very self-aware and whether you can see it or not, you know what you want, and you have direction, though that direction might not seem clear right now. I was where you are 18 years ago. My how the time flies. I was a high school graduate, a new mom, struggling to make ends meet, not knowing how I could make my life "better" or to have "more," but now I'm a college graduate with four degrees, about to open my own law firm, and though I haven't achieved everything, I'm on my way, and I've achieved things I never even thought of way back when. Keep plugging away, you will move forward, there will be struggles, but you've got the drive, I can see it. Good luck!

tweetey30 said...

Gayle thanks. I try is all I can say really. I usually come home and put my keys on the desk but sometimes that isnt where they end up.

Thanks Ortho.

Courtney I havent heard from Laura and probably wont since she is gone.

Gardenia I remember before the girls but barely.

Jeannie you hit this one on the head. I bet they would be different each month.

VV I do have direction but it doesnt feel like I am going anywhere. I just wish I could find a job. I am trying to be patient but its not easy when Jeff is giving up already..

Stagg said...

Great post...great focus.

tweetey30 said...

Stagg well hello there. Thanks.

Bridget Jones said...

Gayle's right. My mom has the same issue with her keys. I got her a key holder, need to get it mounted.

Hammer said...

It looks like you have a terrific outlook on life.

I learned a few things from reading your meme.