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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tagged by Ortho

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1. I love my family and they are number one to me and always will be.

2. Most of you know my passion is crocheting. I have learned how to do a new thing and I have posted the photo of it already.

3. When we take the girls to the park I still swing too. I get my butt up on the swing and swing with the girls. Its fun.

4. I have certain days I usually do things on. I dont know why but that is how i have programmed my mind.

5. Life for us would be much easier if I could just find a job. We could use an extra 200 dollars amonth. More would be nice but for some dang reason I cant find full time 3rd shift.

6. I dislike cereal but have been finding things to eat for breakfast since i mentioned this last a while back. I have been eating some of Jeff's cereal bars, or a couple of eggs, making pancakes, or something small.

7. This last one could get me in trouble but I think I am slightly depressed lately. I am always tired and dont feel like doing much. I do what I have to do and thats it. Nothing extra really. I have been sleeping more than normal and I just need to get out of this slump. I will get out of it but it takes a while.

Now to tag 7 people.

Lets see here. Tshsmom, Squirl, Candy, Cynnie, Wondering Coyote,

I am having troubles with my blog with getting photo's and the links to come up so I am going to have to leave this the way it is. I have five but suppose to have seven. Cant think of two more that would be willing to do a tag.

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Gayle said...

I'm a bit confused by this post, Tweety. You didn't post what the tag was about, so I'm confused, but that's okay because I rarely do tags anyway. :)

Gayle said...

BTW... left a comment on your last post. That's a horrible thing to have happened to you! GRRRR!

Gayle said...

Thanks for coming by and explaining you were working on this post when I came across it. I should have known! LOL!

You said you couldn't get the little icons to come up for photos and stuff. I assume you meant the icons in blogger. That's rather strange. I've never had that happen before in blogger. I hope it gets straightened out.

Ortho said...

Hi, Tweetey! Thanks for responding to my tag!

You are fascinating! Too bad you're depressed. I hope you put your finger on the trigger of your depression. You seem to be going through a stressful moment in your life right now.

If we were neighbors you would never get depressed, because we would be having too much fun.

Kitem said...

If you don't like cereals for breakfast you could eat fruits only in the morning, it's very good for health, not fattening and gives you plenty of energy.
We all understand why you feel depressed, cheer up.
You say you are tired, aren't you pregnant with number three-boy? lol

Candy Minx said...

Okay honey...I got the tag...I will work on it tonight and tomorrow morning okay?

I have many things I want to respond to in this post...but I am going to focus on the most pressing...and that is #7.

Don't worry about not eating's a fairly useless food know how I feel about starches.

I can help you in a simple first step about feeling tired and depressed...but it is with food and you'll need to trust me.

Can you go and get some natural source vitamin It's at health food stores...and it will cost about 12-15 dollars. NOT synthetic sourced.

Then do not eat any starches for a week.

Can you eat some seafood? Like a can of tuna? Better yet, some salmon...I know a lot of people don't like salmon...but it's brain food and the protein and fat relieve depression.

For breakfast...Kitem is right...get some fruit. Some berries are the best because they have a lot of nutrients...have them with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. That is high protein and will also give you energy.

After you read this post go and have a tall glass of water. In half an hour later...have another glass of water.

I know I sound crazy...but seriously...fatigue we can fix!!!!

Candy Minx said...

You know...I am thinking and please e-mail me...and I will e-mail you back or phone you (e-mail me your phone number I don't think I have it...or cant find it...)

Gardenia said...

Tweety, get a blood test if you can and have them check for anemia.

Gardenia said...

Just went back and read Candy's post - ditto! Diet has much to do with being depressed (not to mention circumstances) - but it will help us fight off the depression. Also, get on that elliptical (I know its hard - I hate mine, but I force myself) and get those endorphins going!

You are a very determined woman - this time right now will NOT beat you down, it will not. I know you by now I think, you will fight for your kids and your husband - fight for yourself now too!!!!!

I will also pray for fact am doing so now - I feel like some of the people around you were like acid rain - remember all the flap about acid rain? And I'm praying for all this cloudiness to clear off and that you guys will be filled with strength and light and love and healing from your recent experiences. Even if you don't feel like it, just say out loud you forgive them so you can be healed - remembering THEY will reap what they have sown....this will let the clean, healing rain come down upon you and your trues loves, your family and home. I pray for a hedge of protection around your home!!! A band of angels night and day standing guard on your behalf. There - Amen!