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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Witch Of Cologne By Tobsha Learner

Here is a good book I think. Its a historical Romance so nothing like the last Romance I did.

It starts out with this young girl getting music lessons and her teacher falling madly in love with her and she doesnt have the same feelingd for him. So he takes revenge on her and her parents are killed and some how she survives and marries the man she loves.

This book is loosely based on religion and different ones at the time. In the early 1600 or so. They dont believe in missed religions and such. But they were trying to get Jews to convert to Catholic and these people had supposedly converted but in there own home they were practicing there original religion as being Jews and this teacher found out and when Sara wouldnt marry him he turned them in.

Well Sara married her sweet heart and had there daughter Ruth and died in child birth with a son six years after Ruths birth. But anyway Ruth grows up with her father and her uncle until her uncle gets killed and then her cousin sets out in an eearly age to find his fathers killer and gets put in prison for being a Jew and gets killed in prison. So when Ruth gets to a good age she is handed down this book her mother had. Its a family heir loom.

Well she starts studying it and then when she grows up she becomes a midwife and back then woman werent allowed to practice medicine. Well Ruth protects her heart from being hurt and she was suppose to marry and runs away. She goes to another town and finds out as much as she can in the Clincal sense of the word and she gets more information for being a midwife.

Then she goes back to her father who has written her off as being dead but when Ruth is arrested for being a witch he comes back into her life. He puts it more like this where he goes to the Archbishop and pleads his case and tells him he will pay someones debt if his daughter is freed and she will marry his assistant.

Well they figure out how to get the inquistor to step down and then Ruths father's assistant tries to court Ruth but she wants nothing to do with him. Sometime later Ruth finds herself thinking about Detlef. He is the inquistor that got her freed. Well one night he shows up at her cottage knowing he isnt suppose to be there because he is Catholic and she is a Jewess. Well things go down where they make love and such and then he leaves. Well in the process Ruth realizes she is in love with Detlef and he comes back afew more times and then something terrible goes down in Cologne.

The Jewish villiage is burned down and Ruths father perishes in his home with Ruths nanny when she was a child and that. But the plague had started this here. The Jews were blamed for the plague and some kids burned the city of Cologne. Well Detlef found Ruth and her assistant but he couldnt save them both so he chose Ruth since he was in love with her anyway.

Well that night he found out Ruth was pregnant and he had to hide her in his home in the country until the babe was born and then they left the country. Detlef transformed into a Protestant Pastor and went from there. Well when Jacob was about 4 years old his uncle Detlef's brother came visiting and all hell broke loose here. Excuse the language. The boy was kidnapped and taken back to his uncles place and Ruth and Detlef went after him of course. Well they got him back and Detlef stayed behind and perished for his life.

Ruth lived two years after Detlef and left poor Jacob behind parentless. Thankfully a friend of the family took Jacob in. I have a feeling I left either to much out or gave to much a way with this one. But check it out. I got this one at Barnes and Noble for 4.98. It was in the Bargain books.

Very interesting if you like Romances but not all the other scenes most romance novels throw in. I liked how it was flourished with thought and how it came about how they found eachother in the end and such. I would give this one 7.5 tweets out of ten...


Hammer said...

Sounds like a good book for a romance.

I used to read James Michener and it sounds like his style.

Ortho said...

Wow, this book sounds interesting. Thanks for the elegant writeup and review. You rock, Tweetey!

Ortho said...

Tweetey! You won't believe this! I wrote a post on Tobsha Lerner too: "Sign of the times: Fat men as rebels?"!