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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Work Work Work..

Hi all. I have been having problems at work lately. I am not so sure how much more I can take. I am going to say this though.I am going to sit down and talk to the manager that hired me before I make any rash decisions here. But I am sick and tired of being treated like a pile of shit lately. Just the last few days. Actually its been building slowly but you understand I think most of you.

Last night this one manage didnt ask me to do something, she demanded and when I turned around and said I already made the items she asked me for in the same tone, she didnt like it one bit. She said I could either make those items or go home. I made those items because I knew I was on overtime.

Then tonight I walked in the door and asked where the closing manager wanted me and she said clock in and into the office first. She accused me of being short with other managers. I dont see where the fuck she is getting this shit from. Then she said that she wants me to ACE the grill area before she moves me to another area. I am sick and tired of being on Grill all the fucking time. So sick of it. I am always back there. I dont care if she has another good person to take orders or not. I am so ready to walk out of that place and never look back.

Before I go to bed right now I am going to look and see what jobs are available out there. I am just looking But I am so fed up with alot of shit. Then I asked the usual overnight manager what she thought of M telling me that she wanted me to ACE the grill and R said I had no confidence in myself back there. I just stand around and watch everyone. Bull shit. I do more than they fucking know around that place. It just pisses me. I am ready to scream bloody murder and just I dont know what.Just scream I guess.

Well I am off to see what WI Job Center has for Jobs and I will let you all know how tonight goes when I come home. I will just publish and update to this post instead. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Its suppose to be beautiful here and I want to get out for a while.

UPDATE... I have to say the last couple of nights have went better. I have talked to M about what needs working on. I have talked to the manager that hired me also and he thinks i am doing a great job. But M is going to train me on Breakfast instead of the other two people I work with on the back line. I have made up my mind I am going to have my blue Trainging shirts by July when we have our next reviews and if something keeps me from having them by July I will have them by January 2010.. If for some odd reason I cant earn them by then I think that is when I will walk the walk and say see yahh. I will not be pushed around much anymore. I am sick of it. Well enjoy and I will get back to everyone later. I need some sleep. I am heading to bed after making Jeff's lunch.

UPDATE#2 I was leaning on the counter last night and M was the closing manager. Well she walked by really quickly and threatened to write me up if I was caught leaning on the counter again.Its not like I do it all the time. It wasnt busy and I was just leaning. Nothing else. For goodness sake really.. Well I borrowed a co workers cell phone when I went on my break and called Jeff and he thought it was funny witht he threat. i am not going to quit. Some of you are right its job. But still. i am sick and tired of being threatened everytime I turn the Fuck aroun in that place. but my night got better. I didnt have to be on back line last night. Our usual over night manager put me in First booth to take orders last night.


Hammer said...

Sounds like you have some mini tyrants for managers.

I remember dealing with similar situations and came to find out that you will most likely deal with the exact same shitty personalities no matter what job you go into.

I would suggest not reacting to or getting upset at their tantrums because they will stop their crap if they stop getting a reaction.

Sorry you are going through this. It's tough enough going to work and doing a shift without putting up with additional bullshit.

tshsmom said...

Hammer nailed it!
Fast-food restaurants are notorious for having less than intelligent managers.
Remember how long it took you to find this job? In this economy, it's even harder to find a job now. The hours and pay are working out for you, so just keep being a reliable employee and you'll be there long after the idiot managers have lost their jobs. No job is ever perfect.

CA said...

There is an old saying that always rings true, even if we don't like it. It goes, "She may not be right but she's still the boss.'You can't argue with the person who is responsible for signing your pay check.

It sounds like that place isn't the place for you anymore, if it ever was. It sounds like many of the people there just don't like you, whether or not they have a good reason. Maybe too many words have been exchanged that can't be taken back.
If the boss likes someone else more than she (or he) likes you, you're always going to be on the short end, even if it's not your fault. It isn't worth an ulcer unless it pays a thousand bucks a day. It's probably time for you to consider making a change. Look for something that won't have someone looking over your shoulder all the time.

Maybe you could check out some sort of temp agency; a place that hires people for fill-ins and such. Maybe a house cleaning agency or something like that.

Anyhow, I'm sorry you are having trouble and I hope you can work things out for yourself. Just don't go nuts over some nickle and dime job. It ain't ever worth it no matter how much you need the money. Good luck.

SME said...

McD's is like that everywhere, I think; they like to load on the pressure. The managers are getting it from the owners. But Mom's right, it's a reliable paycheck and the really awful managers usually don't stick around forever. One of the ones back home tried to kill herself and got fired. Not that I want that to happen to your managers, it's just the kind of thing that can happen...

Hang in there! You're doing your best, and sooner or later people are going to recognize that and be grateful they have someone reliable in the kitchen.

Grizzly Mama said...

I'm with CA. You can certainly look for another job while you're working at McD's. The experience has been good for you overall and it is something that you can take with you to the next job.

I, too, continue to look for jobs. As you know the one I'm working is not the greatest environment. It's paying the bills, though, but I will bolt the first chance I get.

Jeannie said...

I'm with Hammer and Tshsmom. Guard the job you have because there probably aren't a lot out there to replace it.

Some bosses are on a power trip but all of them are responsible for having the place turn a profit and want the most out of each employee. McD's probably has quotas etc. Try to take the boss's orders impersonally. Really listen to how they want things done and do your best to do it that way each time. Franchises have procedures for efficiency and to ensure the same standard for each product - there's no room for winging it in such an atmosphere. I've worked in fast food and we had to do things just so as well. Once you get it down, it becomes 2nd nature and you will do it without thinking at all. You will be fast and you will do it right. Getting upset or angry simply won't help you at all I'm afraid. Take a deep breath and just do the job.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I hope everything works out for you Nicole. I've been in that position before when I worked at McDonalds. There's so much crap in those places and so many egos, it's ridiculous. Good luck.

Grizzly Mama said...

I lasted 2 days in fast food. I can't handle it! LOL. So - God bless you for making it this far. You're a better woman than I.

maeve said...

Glad too hear things are better .. I do not envy you folks who work in food service, they are never respected.

Gardenia said...

Hammer is right - there is one in every workplace, almost without exception. At any rate, an alternative is to hang on, and if the witch wins, only IF, and you are fired - that is not all bad - you can collect unemployment and stay home with the girls for a while. Just document everything that's said - as you are doing in this post - so you could get the unemployment.

I had a job once as an accounting specialist - the secretary wanted it as it paid more and began sabotaging me - finally, after trying to resolve it with through my boss several times, I just found another job (which I hated-the boss there turned out to be crazy weird and I found I had gone from the frying pan into the fire so to speak) - anyway the secretary got my job like she wanted - but she only lasted 8 months before she couldn't take it anymore and quit. I had been there four years.

I dunno - there are a lot of mean people out there - perhaps this woman that is harrasing you will quit...soon??? Hopefully. You were getting such good reviews - I guess if this were me, in retrospect through my own experience, I would hang on a while, do my job the best I could, and see what happens. (I have outwaited some crappy bosses/supervisors and then had some really good years at work!)

zydeco fish said...

This will all get better once you are the manager.