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Thursday, December 06, 2007

10 Movies That Inspired Me as Child Into Teen Years!!!!

Hi there I got this idea from Zombie when reading blogs today. Ten movies that inspired me or that I remember watching the most as a child into teen years and now still rewatch as an adult.

1. Savanah A little girl that has rich parents a person taking care of her other than her parents.. It proves money cant buy happiness esp after she runs away and gets mixed up with two men that just escaped prison. Its a really cute movie really.

2. The Wrath A movie about this girl that gets raped by these guys and her boyfriend gets killed by them and he comes back in another life form basically and he turns into this car or some how runs the car and then runs all of the gang that hurt him and raped his girlfriend off the road and kills them. Interesting movie really.

3. The New Kids. No not the singing group either. This one was never put in the movie stores for some reason. I havent found it at least. This ones about two kids that lost there parents in the military and then get stuck living with an uncle in Florida they havent seen in years.

4. Sister Act 1 and 2. Just funny with Whopee Goldberg in these two movies. She inspires so many young children and other people in these two hiliarious movies.

5. Chomps A great kids movie about a robotic dog. This guy makes him to impress his soon to be father in law for a security dog but it doesnt end up that way. Just a hiliarious movie for kids and family members alike.

6. Annie Yes that one is an old one. An orphan that meets a really rich person to give her a loving home even though he wanted a boy and decided after a week with this little girl that he loved her as much as he would and could love a boy.

7. Arthur. Just having this one in the house is just a hoot. Really this drunk guy is constantly just making things fun and jokes all over the house. I mean Jeff and I have our favorite parts to this one and we rehash the lines all the time.

8. Scream. I think this is one of the only scary movies we have in the house. I dont care for scary movies. But this one wasnt gory like a few we have attempted to see so its good. It keeps you on your toes.

9. Big Trouble Little China Kurt Russel keeps you going in this one. Always doing something. Starting out with a bet and then into the bottom of a chinese place trying to save his friends girlfriend and another girl he fell for but wouldnt work out.

10. Stand by Me. A principal coming in to change the way of a school that has fallen and he does it also. I mean he gets rid of the drug dealers and dont we all wish that could happen in real life. Well it wont happen because then they would be on the streets when the kids get out of school instead of having them in the schools. But anyway.

I am not good with actresses or actors names but these are the movies that inspired me as growing up. There are plenty more but these ten are the ones I could think of for right now. Enjoy my list and make your own if you would like. this was no tag but would like to see what movies inspire you even now till this day.


Hammer said...

Of all those I remember big trouble in little china and Arthur.

I try to stay away from movies with deep or disturbing subject matter. I have enough trouble sleeping.

Gardenia said...

A good list to keep in the video library!

tshsmom said...

Have you guys seen Second Hand Lions? It's along the same lines as some of the films you mentioned here. I think your whole family would enjoy it.

tweetey30 said...

Hammer those are good movies. Check them out sometime for the kids.

Gardenia yes they are.

Tshsmom never heard of the one you mentioned. But maybe next time we go rent movies I will see if they have it.

MonicaR said...

I've only seen 4 and 7 on your list. I am interested in seeing many of them now that you've mentioned them. Except Scream, of course! lol.

One of my favorite movies is The In Laws. I think that's what it's called. Hysterical. I still think of that slow car chase bumping up over the median strip back and forth and giggle. There are many other comical moments. 'Serpentine, Shel, Serptentine!'


tweetey30 said...

Monica I have seen that one I think sometime and some where. I have seen lots of movies but dont remember them all.

zydeco fish said...

Arthur is hilarious. I've never heard of Savanah or Chomps before. I wonder why.

Candy Minx said...

I am crazy about Big Trouble in Little China...I own it on dvd and liketo watch it once a year.

I think it was way ahead of it's time! Foreshadowing The Matrix.

I even love the commentary between the director John Carpenter and Kurt Russell where they are laughing about Russell's "hockey hair".

I think John Carpenter is one of the coolest directors...he makes a lo of the music for his soundtracks too he is so talented.

I love these movie posts...I'm ging up to the recent post too...

The Zombieslayer said...

I loved Big Trouble in Little China. It's probably my all-time "guilty pleasure" movie. Saw it ten times.

tweetey30 said...

Candy and Zombie we have it on VHS. We havent updated all of our movies to DVD yet. I would like to do that some day. Up date all of our movies to DVD.