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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Boy am I a dutiful Wife....

Hiya all. I am just coming in from shoveling the drive way and side walk. Yikes is that a chore. I am going to warm up a bit then take a shower and then just sit my fanny down and do nothing after feeding the girls there lunch. Maybe just sandwiches. I wanted some soup but I dont have any right now so it will just have to wait till I do. I love a good bowl of chicken noodle soup this time of year when its cold outside and I have just came in from shoveling.

It was light and fluffy today so it didnt take as much out of me as it did on Sunday when it was wet and thick. Its suppose to snow again tomorrow into Friday and more shoveling. I wish my mom could send that snow blower she has for me in the mail where we can quit shoveling the all this. I know its a job that has to be done but hard on the back. I am going to curl up under Zombie's blanket and work on that here in a bit. I have to clean up Bris boot mess first. She had to go potty and forgot to take her boots off so I have to go clean up the wet mess in the kitchen into the bathroom. Thankfully she didnt go through the livingroom over my carpet. I hate wet carpets. I get up to go to another part of the livingroom and the carpet is wet. No thank you.

You know one thing my friends Jeff has worked 27 hours in two days now. That is right 27 hours. I feel so sorry for him. He leaves at six the last two days and hasnt been home before eight Monday or last night. Then he is so tired he doesnt know what to do with himself. I mean phyical work is killing him and I wish he would get this thing done he is working on and then I can tell everyone but until its done completely he wants me to keep my mouth shut.

The girls were bothering me to go outside today again. its only 20 degree's and I have no idea what the windchill is. I havent checked recently. You know I wonder where we will be in a year from now if Jeff gets this thing done he is working on. I hope some where better than we are now with him working at least. The girls got half an hour with him last night after he came home and wound down and ate his dinner of scrambled eggs, hashbrown, and toast. He wanted the protein. And he doesnt eat steak so this is his best way of getting it besides Peanutbutter. LOL..

My foot I hurt back in August has been giving me troubles with all this cold weather. I cant tuck my feet up under me like I could when it was warm out. It gets really stiff and then it hurts. And then I stretch it out and then it hurts even more. Yikes. I hate when I hurt myself. At least I didnt break anything when I fell off our front stoop..

Well I suppose I better go feed my babies and then just plunk my fluffy arse down and just sit for the rest of the afternoon unless I get energetic to do some thing else. You just never know with me. Catch you all later. N.


Kitem said...

OOh, You wrote a lot yesterday and to day, you've had so much snow! in such a short time! shoveling must be hard and difficult and tiring.
Jeff is such an hard worker, he loves his family and wants better living for his daughters and wife, he is a good man, really.
I am sorry to hear for your foot, hope it gets better soon.

tweetey30 said...

Kitem I fell and sprained it really bad in August and now it gets stiff when it gets cold out. Yes he does love his family. Its so hard on him being away so much.

Hammer said...

We haven't had snow since 84. We were the only ones on the block with a snow shovel. Sometimes it pays to be a packrat.

Hope your foot feels better.

tshsmom said...

What did you do with your Thanksgiving turkey carcass? This will make a fantastic batch of turkey noodle soup and cost almost nothing.

MonicaR said...

Oh my mother used to boil that turkey carcass up and pick those tiny pieces of meat off of all those bones to make that turkey-bone soup. I haven't done that in ages. Yum.

Hope you're feeling better Tweetey. Troll has been working those kind of hours for a couple of months now. It is hard on everyone.

SME said...

At least Bri has an excuse for tracking muddy slush through the house - she's a kid. What's Richard's excuse?! Heehee. I just finished mopping up his boot-mess, all down the hall and across the kitchen.

I hope things ease up for Jeff soon so he can unwind for the holidays as much as possible. Those hours are tough on families, but I know you guys will get through it okay. Jeff is a hard worker and a very devoted family guy!

tweetey30 said...

Hammer that is a long time not to have snow. I would miss the snow if I lived anywhere else.

Tshsmom I took all the meat off the bones but between us and the girls nibbling its gone. There wasnt that much left off the turkey anyway. But thanks for the idea. I throw the bone away right away after I clean it off where it wont stink up the house.

Monica my mother was lazy and still is for making home made stuff. Its just that sore foot and it will pass. I am just used to tucking my feet up under me while crocheting.

Sme Yes he is a very devoted family person esp how since his dad wasnt in his life from the time he was 9 till he died about five years ago.

Gayle said...

Tweety, it sounds like you need a good laugh and I have just the thing. I didn't post politically today... thought I'd take a break. Come on over and enjoy. If you don't find yourself laughing out loud I'll be very surprised! Remember... laughter is healthy. :)

Just copy and paste the code into your browser, or scroll down to the second post on my blog. Enjoy!

tweetey30 said...

Gayle thanks.Will be right over.

Gardenia said...

I have shoveled so much snow in my life, its unbelievable. However, when I was in Wyo those two years, I enjoyed shoveling for my mother - it was briskly cold out - and satisfying - until I hurt my back for the second time.

Can't say as I miss it much though - it would be nice if we could have two days of it for Christmas.

tweetey30 said...

Gardenia I can imagine. But it must be nice to have nice weather most of the time though. but again I would miss the cold weather too much.