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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peeved Slightly..

Hi all. I thought I was done bitching about work for a while but I am slightly peeved about some stuff again..

Ok I have been there for almost a year in July and there have been people coming and going since then.. Well this one girl has worked there since January and worked for McDonalds two other times.. Well last night when I walked in she was handed her trainers book. What the Fuck I think.. I have been busting my ass and they dont even acknowledge this shit.... I didnt say a thing about it.. I just let it pass. But it still irked me a tad..

Then they hired this new woman. She is the mother of one of our new managers. I have no problems with that but they are going to train her on Breakfast. For some reason they wont train me on Breakfast. I am so sick of it sometimes. I know how to cook the meat. I am only working till 3 all this week but I am getting my hours in though but that isnt what pisses me off. The usual overnight manager R wants all us over nighters to know breakfast and for some damned reason they arent keeping me long enough to teach me.

Ok the girls need some food. I was just venting slightly. I have considered looking for something else again but what I have looked for I need to go back to school for six weeks. I have considered getting my CNA (Certified Nursing Assistance).. Well anyway I am fed up with loads of stuff but what is there to do about it but deal with it. I will give them till July for all this and if I dont see my blue trainer shirts or acknowledgement of my busting ass I will go and go back to school for my CNA.. I am done playing games.. There are CNA jobs out there. Just need the certification..


Hammer said...

Nursing is a great field and there is a major shortage right now.

Hospice care is one that would probably work well for you.

Jeannie said...

ditto what Hammer said. I'm sure the pay is a lot better.

Squirl said...

Wow, yes. Get your schooling. You don't really want to work at McDonald's all your life, do you? I think you'd be great as a nursing assistant. Maybe you could go to school to be nurse. Go for it.

Grizzly Mama said...

I agree - go for the schooling. CNA pays better, probably get benefits, too. Plus, you can get hours that work for you and your family. Bide your time and put in your hours until you are ready to make your move.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Maybe the unfairness of this job is what's supposed to push you to get your CNA? I believe things happen for a reason. I think you're wise to give them time. Unfortunately, in a lot of places, it's not what you know but who you know. Chin up! You're a good person with a good life and good friends. In the bigger scheme of things, a job at Mickey-D's isn't that important. Think, "where do I want to be in 10 years? What do I want to have or be doing?" Then start planning how to get there. Long-term goals help take the hurt out of short-term injustices.

Tammi said...

Hang in there hunny-bun
Jobs are soooo hard to come by these days---but sometimes I think a person can only handle "so" much ya know?
If you can go back to school and get your degree in the medical field,go for it!! It may be tough holding down the fort and working and all,but holy cows,it WILL pay off in the end!
That's cool that your looking to set some goals for yourself! I wish I could go back to school!!
There is and will always be a need for people in the medical field! Props to you for considering this!!

Jay said...

I think you'd be happier with your certification, but in the meantime, these people owe you for the good work you've been doing!!!

Candy Minx said...

Oh that must have been irritating. Did you tell managers that you would like to be promoted? Why not try talking to themAsk what it would take what you need to do.