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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Had a Great Time...

Hi there. We had a beautiful ride to my MILS house yesterday. It was in the 50's going and about in the 30's on the way home. But beautiful all the same. We left Green Bay at 11:30 and got to there house about 2 and I started dinner and we talked and had fun. The girls played outside for a while and came in and ate.

Then my MIL showed me how to add beads to my hair ties. The only problem is that I LEFT MY CAMERA at my MILS house.. LOL..No photo's for the time being. I took some really awsome shots of Kora and Bri before we left yesterday morning in there dresses. The looked so cute.

I am bouncing in subjects today and I am sorry. Cant keep my thoughts clear. We pulled into Wausau about 20 minutes from my MILs house and stopped by Wally World and I wanted to see if they carried the beads my MIL showed me to use. Well I was only going to get a little package when Jeff found a big plastic container that I can refill with 5,000 beads in it for 12.00 dollars. I made this really cool scrunchie at my MILs house. Its pink with all sorts of beads and jingle bells on it. I will take photo's of them when I get my camera back next month.

My MIL is planning a trip to our house to show me how to make a soup she makes and a few other things instead of us going back to them this time. They like the small jaunt to us but I know we all cant afford to go back and forth all the time like we would like to sometimes..

We had a nice ride home and then at 3:30 this morning Bri got sicker than a Dog.. Just a phrase but she did get very ill. She didnt sleep much last night. My poor baby. She was so tired she couldnt figure out how to get out of the bedroom and stood there and threw up in our room. They crashed on our floor to be near us and my poor little one was just sick.

But the only problem is that it happens everytime we travel lately. I dont know whats wrong. But I found out that I can bring the girls in once a year for a check up and I think I am going to take advantage of this and see whats wrong and why she gets sick everytime we travel. At first I thought it was because my MIL and partner smoke but it happens even when we are going to places where there is no smoke. She just make get car sickness. She may have to take something when we travel.

Its not a big deal if she does. Its just concerning us that no one else is sick and then she comes along and then boom she is sick. I know I used to get sick for no reason when I was excited about something. But anyway I need to get going and I will catch up with you all later.

Oh by the way Happy Easter Everyone.. I almost forgot. I am just sitting around and not wanting to go to work tonight.. I should have taken tonight off too but didnt. I am wiped from traveling. But I will go in. Talk to you all soon.N..


Hammer said...

Sounds like you have a nice MIL.

The kiddo might just have a nervous stomach.

Candy Minx said...

Aw, your poor baby, maybe it is car sick. I used to get car sick until I was about 12. And hammer has an idea...a nervous tummy might be it ...comes on with change and excitement.

Sounds like a great visit and weekend.

Happy Easter!

SME said...

Happy Easter, R family!

Poor Bri, I hope she feels much better soon. Spring isn't a fun time to be sick.

Jeannie said...

Happy Easter! - it does sound like you get on very well with your mother in law - lucky you!

Maybe you should try some Dramamine before traveling - calm her down a bit.

Grizzly Mama said...

Oh - sorry to hear about Bri. Poor little thing. I hope that Doc has any idea that will help her.

Glad that you had a good trip aside from the illness. It's a blessing to get along with the in-laws. Hope that your night at work is an easy one.

Squirl said...

Yeah, I'm thinking anxiety, too. I'm guessing that if she were car sick it should happen while you're in the car.

How expensive would it be for your MIL to mail your camera to you? Just a thought.

tshsmom said...

Z used to have a nervous stomach and would vomit ANY time he was excited. We used to go through a lot of Maalox.

Gayle said...

My daughter suffered from car sickness until she was eight, and then it just went away. Hopefully your daughter will outgrow it.

Glad you had a great time, hon. HAPPY EASTER! :)

Ortho said...

Glad you had a great vacation!