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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A beatiful Day in Wi

Hey all. It was a beautiful Day in Green Bay WI yesterday. It was 78 degree's and I was wearing shorts. I was in my glory. We went for our first hike of the year and of course I didnt have my camera with me.. LOL.. Oh well. There is always next time.

We went to this really neat place we found last year. They have differnt sized trails you can hike on and we took the 3 mile one I think. But by time we finished I think we walked five miles total. Its great excercise and wears the girls out totally.. Anyway it was just us four and beautiful.

We stopped to see if the fish were spawning yet but no fish in the creek. But about ten feet past the creek Kora saw a snake. It was either a gardner snake or a Fox River Snake I think they are called. I wouldnt go near the thing.. I dont care how big it was really. But Kora and Bri and Jeff had fun looking. I just warned them not to get to close to it.

Then we went a little further up where they have this huge pond. Its just huge and Kora again noticed some thing moving in the water. There about a dozen turtles swimming around. Well we walked about ten feet and saw some more and stopped to watch them but they decided they had enough swimming and started coming ashore. It was amazing watching this one turtle crawl up a log. It used its head, feet, tail and whole body to get up on that log to sun bathe... They are pretty neat creatures to watch.

Then we saw some more snakes on the return route through the trails. Just tiny ones but still gross all the same to me thank you very much... But it was a great family day. Then when we finished hiking we sat down at the pinic tables and just hung out and talked for about half an hour and came home.

Then of course it got cold here. It dropped 25 degree's between the time we came home at 5:30 and 7:30. Its raining now and its suppose to snow but lets hope it holds off and just rains for us. I am sick of snow.. But anyway I need to get my potatoes peeled and chopped and my carrots and celery for my Split Pea Soup tonight with the rest of my ham from Easter. N...happy sunday my friends.


Tammi said...

Before I continue got tickled and HAD to tell you THIS neck of the woods,when you said"I was in my glory."...that means in the "nude" here!hahaha
OK--I gotta quit laughing and finish reading your post.Just adding my silly 2 cents..

Tammi said...

Ok,I have to admit,the giggling stopped when I read the word "snakes"!
Are you kidding me? I would have hauled a** running,then went back for my kids later(JUST KIDDING)
But not about the running!!lol
Oh,and btw,Thursday,I tried walking I'd say..umm...maybe 2 miles and I'm STILL
My legs feel so tight,they are like rubber bands stretched till their about to pop.And I limped that night when I got up to wee-wee in the middle of the night!
What's the secret?
Sounds like you and the young'uns had a great time though.I love beautiful weather...especially Spring-like weather.I think it even lifts my spirits.
Hate to hear the rain decided to rear it's head,but girrrrrl,you should have seen what we got yesterday.BIG TIME rain,thundering and lightening that made my heart skip friggin beats! Lightening n thunder scares the cow out of me!!
EEEeK!It's blown over----so far---this morning.But the day isn't over yet,cuz I think we're expecting more ugly weather.
Happy Trails,hun.

Jeannie said...

I'd love to get out walking again. Soon, I'll have more time and energy I hope.

Hammer said...

I'm glad the kids got to go outdoors for a bit.

The sun just came out here and I figure it will be in the 80s.

But my littlest is throwing a hellacious fit so she won't get to enjoy it :(

Courtney said...

If there's anything I'm talented at, it's walking. I can walk and walk and walk. Have you read "The Long Walk" by Stephen King? I would have won that competition. So I was a little surprised when we made a five mile walk on a section of Rails to Trails a few weeks ago and shin splints struck. Rails to Trails brought on the shin splints? Five miles? It was the suck.

I love snakes. Garter snakes stink and all, but they're still fun to find and watch.

Glad you guys got out of the house for a little while and had a good time! If you guys ever get to come visit, I can take you on some awesome trails!

Gardenia said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Boy we are really doubly appreciating the sunshine when it comes - even the South has been so dreary. I have planted things and am washing down stuff outside....its just great to get out there!

I love turtles - they are crossing the roads here and its freaking me out - too many are targets for tires - I hate to see one lost - they are just incredible creatures.

Vancouver Voyeur said...

It sounded like a gorgeous day! I love hikes, the woods, water. *sigh* Now back to work!

Gayle said...

I'm glad to see you are enjoying yourself, Tweety, and sorry for not stopping by for so long, but we've been very busy here. It's planting season.

I would love for it to snow! I haven't seen snow for so long. The only problem is that if it snowed here in Central Texas there would be car accidents all over the place. Texans don't know how to drive in the snow.

Jay said...

Oh I just went for my first hike of the season too! We went up the side of the mountain, saw no snakes but did see a baby bear and then got worried that his mama was near!

CA said...

I'm glad to hear you feel well enough to go for such a long (for me) hike. It's too bad you didn't have your camera. You take such great pictures.
I'm sorry you were sick. I'm afraid I haven't checked it often enough,-but it's good you're better now. And I hope things are going well at work.