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Monday, April 06, 2009

Looking Forward to Our Trip on Saturday..

Hey all. We are going to Jeff's mother's house on Saturday. I am looking forward to it even though I am working on Friday night. Thanks for you concern about the last post also. Anyway on a lighter note. My MIL is going to teach me how to crochet with Beads.. Yayy. I have several different patterns i want to try after getting the hang of it. I have just recieved my latest addition of Crochet Today magazine and it has a pattern to make earrings with beads. With the thread that I made my hair ties with.

I am also going to look up and see how much it would cost me to set up a table this year at Celebrate Depere Days. Its over Memorial Day weekend. I could do them in red, blue and white and such other colors. I want to sell some other stuff also if I can get them done in time. Nothing large like blankets or anything but bags and earring and hair ties and such.

I have a plan but dont know if it will work or not. I have several people saying they will go half and half with me but you all know how that one turns out.

The girls have made more Fridge magnets but I want to clear my memory card before taking any more photo's. They are really cool this time around. I promise to take photo's of them. I also told the girls that they could have more beads to make magnets with if they could sell some on my blog. So I have been posting what they are making on my blog. Bri wants me to teach her how to crochet and I think I might have grandma sit down with her and see if she can get Bri to do a chain with her.

The girls have a present for Grandma when we go on Saturday. They have made magnets but the magnets have there first initial on them.They are really cool to look at. Then I have something small for her but its going to be a couple of days to get.

Well I am in the process of eating lunch and then the girls have school work to do today. I need to run but thought I would give you something else to hear besides my bitching about work. I do need to find something else but there isnt much out there right now..


Hammer said...

I can't wait to see what you end up making. I used to help my grandmother all the time with her needlepoint and crochet.

Over the years I've lost the knack for it though.

Jeannie said...

Sounds like you are all enjoying your crafts - that's fantastic - I can't wait to see them either. Good idea about the table - hope you find someone to go in with you.

Squirl said...

Enjoy your trip!

The Griper said...

shucks, girl, i gripe all the time about everything :) the thing aabout griping is that they make times like this even more enjoyable. so, enjoy the trip and time with the in-laws.