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Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Hi all. I am now excited besides going to my MILS house on Saturday. I got an e-mail from a blog friend and she is coming to Green Bay today. We are to meet up sometime tomorrow morning before she goes to another city in WI. She is from Madison WI so we arent that far apart and she has some puzzles for us that her girls dont want anymore..

I am just a little nervous. My house looks like a tornado hit it and I have to work tonight so maybe I can get something done before I go in at 8. LOL.. But I have tomorrow off thankfully and then work Friday and then have Saturday off.. Then I dont know about Sunday yet.. But I hate these go in one day and have a day off crap.. Oh well. You know what another girl I work with told me last night she is sick of the drama on overnights and she is ready to quit also.

She told me that she is sick of the little bit of being written up because the drawer was short when she was on it also. This was 3 weeks ago now. But I understand where she is coming from. Its a bunch of BS if you want my opinion. Then M was there last night. She wasnt as crabby but crabby. Didnt threaten to write me up this time.

Life is back to normal with the break here that is much needed. Jon should be back tomorrow or Friday right before we leave to go to Jeff's mothers house..LOL.. Funny huh?? He has to travel with this other friend of ours and then go for another 2 hour car ride to eat.. LOL.. Well I am going to make Jeff a Peppermint Poke Cake for his B-day on Monday April 13th. Will let everyone know how that turns out.

I got my MILS photo's back today and bought frames for them. They turned out really nice. Better than I thought they were going to. Then the girls have something small for her. I need to make a few more copies and then I can finally delete whats on my memory card.. Yayyy me... I think its funny. Jon has a two door car and I got the girls booster seats in his back seat finally. I hated driving around with out them not being in there booster seats. Esp with how strict they have been with that stuff here at least. I hate seeing people with there kids not in booster seats.

Tshsmom you might remember this one with Heidi Napper?? About her being tossed from the car because she wasnt buckled in. She was standing up in the front seat of the car from what I remember and her mother got struck and then she was tossed from the car and hit her head on the curb and from what I was told but not sure is her brain was out of her head slightly. She lost some of her movement and was never the same. She is alive and well some where but she is not completely functional on her own if I am correct. I could be totally wrong on that aspect.

But I hate when my girls think they can get in the car and not buckle up. I have gotten to the point where I get in the car and they think they will pull no buckle on me, we sit there until they do and help eachother out. If one for some reason cant reach the buckle then I make the other one help.

But anyway I am off to make pork chops and rice a roni and then off to work tonight at 8 PM to 2AM.. Yayy me.. Just on a lighter note also it was a beautiful day here in Packer Land.. LOL..Talk to you all soon. Will make rounds tonight when I get home.


Hammer said...

I hope you have a nice visit. sounds like you have a full schedule!

I make everyone buckle up every time no exceptions.

It pisses me off when I see unbuckled babies standing in the front seat or riding in their mothers lap.

tshsmom said...

Heidi's aunt was driving, and got in an accident. I don't remember, but I don't think the accident was her fault. It was downtown and she wasn't going over 30 mph.

Heidi was thrown out of the car and cracked her head on the curb, and yes, some of her brain leaked out. She was in a coma for several months.

Heidi will never regain the intelligence she lost, but she is functional. She's happily married and the mother of 2 beautiful kids. One side of her body is partially paralyzed, so she needs help bathing and lifting her kids. Her husband is very helpful with the kids, so she gets by.

My kids were ALWAYS buckled. I have used Heidi's story to scare people into buckling up their kids.

Jeannie said...

I can't believe anyone would let their kids go without being buckled up - for one thing -it keeps them from jumping around. Way back before it was law, it was law with my parents. I can't get into a car without automatically buckling up - it doesn't feel right.

Have a nice visit and another nice visit!

Vancouver Voyeur said...

I'm so glad you are firm about wearing seatbelts. I used to work for a highway engineer who was constantly used in court as an expert witness. I had to prepare many cases for him and I've seen more than my share of accident photos where people were not wearing seatbelts. Have fun at your MIL's house.

Gardenia said...

Yay! A beautiful day, a better night at work! You needed a break!

Freaks me out when people, including kids aren't buckled in. This from a mom who used to nurse the baby while driving. But then that was a town with hardly any one living in it. But kids are not experienced enough yet to buckle - have to be reminded - heck, my husband won't buckle - its not just kids.

What a tragic story about Heidi!

Kitem said...

You're absolutly right to have them buckled in the car, It is life saving.
Enjoy your blogfriend visit, and have a beautiful trip to MIL.

Gayle said...

I think you know we adopted our granddaughter when she was six, Tweety. She had to be told every time she got into the car to buckle up. I felt like a parrot repeating myself all the time, so I just sat there and didn't even the key on until she put on her seatbelt. It worked like a charm! :)

Gayle said...

Tomorrow is Easter, and I won't be at home, so I will wish you and your family a very happy Easter now, Tweety! :)

Cynnie said...

I had a friend who had a wreck, his baby was in the car seat and was ejected out of the car ,seat and all..but because she was in the seat she had no damage at all..
these things are super important..i'm so glad you care about this :)

The Zombieslayer said...

Statistically, seat belt are no guarantee that you will survive an accident. However, they are 61% safer. I'll take 61% any day of the week. We ALWAYS wear ours.

I got rear ended once and hit on the side once. The side impact wouldn't have mattered, but the rear ended one, I'd probably be missing teeth and have scars on my face had I not been wearing a seat belt.